Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sun-U Animangaki day 2

Ahah i finally have some time to do this~! XD thanks to loads of stuff like the school page layout and my art project i really don't have time to update my poor old blog *hugs blog*

I only manage to go for the second day cuz my mom had a fear that i will be infected by the dangerous H1N1~! *screams* But after a really long time of bribery and positive brainwashing, my mom finally agreed to let me go for one day.

Anyway enough of the drama up there. i got to the college with Yumi and we took some time to find the hall thought. (we ended up coming from a rather interesting entrance haha) The hall is rather huge and really cooling with air-con so we were relief at that point. There was a fair bunch of people but really little doujin booths to our despair. After putting on the rest of our costume met with dreamwalker and hanged out with her for awhile. We met up with Blackcatz awhile later together with the twins. ^^

Me, Yumi and Blackcatz

There were really little food stores so we ended up going out to eat nearby for lunch with the twins, pinkberry and blueberry.

Our group photo

Aster and Ange

There were a couple of band so we went straight to the front to support all bands and we really had fun especially the visual kei style band woohoo~! too bad not many were in the mood to rock on so we looked like 3 crazy girls shouting and screaming haha.

I was the only one left at the last band since blackcats when back during the second band then during the third yumi was next. I was kinda lonely there but luckily there was hikaru and the others around so i had some companion XD

This event as promised to my mom will be my last event till after SPM so I won't be able to see anyone for the time being T^T to all during this event thanks for making my day and i sure hope to see you guys again next time~! ^^

p/s: there's only a few pics here in my blog. If your interested you can look in my photobucket here for more pics. too lazy to load all here hehe.


Petrosains trip

Yea i know Petrosains is where kids go and I've been there tons of times but still i went for a trip held by my schools lembaga SPBT. Me and my friends decided to go for the trip for some reasons.
1.to skip class since it is a whole day thing.
2.for the fun of it since we're kids XD
3. to get a chance to hang out even thought H1N1 is on the loose :P

After science class we headed to Petrosains~! We went together into that black ball thing (me, jennyfer, Ivy, Lin Hui and Sing Yee) As we entered the tour Jenny was having her fun screaming as if it was a roller coaster Lol XD

We played around and toyed with anything we see (like kids XD )
The static thingy :P

Aww it's Jenny the robot~! XD
Lets go~!
Whatcha looking for Jenny? XD
Ahh the car is in half~!
Camwhoring time~!
Into the dinosour age we go~!
In the space side XD
I look so much better in this lighting Lol haha

Our favourite toy... the hurricane~! haha really it's really fun

AFter we finished the tour we went for lunch at the food court. We decided to walk around and do some window shopping. Nothing much to say since i nearly forgot when was this XD


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes luck is around after all

Well holidays are over and papers are being passed back to us and yes you got it my results is the BOMB~! and really i mean the bomb, it sucks. T^T

But looking on the bright side, someone up there likes me. XD I lost my phone together with my camera not long ago (OK it was long, round 1 month plus?) so yea i was sad and all and Pn Maha decided to take my bag away for 'investigation' since it was more like stolen away so i had to go back home without my phone, camera and bags that day. (it sucks, really)

Right before the holidays i went over to ask Pn Maha for my missing bag (who knows what they are doing with it, so long ok) she informed me that my bag is still under 'investigation' but the good news is my stuff has been returned as she has caught the thief who stole all my stuff. I didn't manage to get my stuff back before the holidays as i was a lazy bum to go to school for the last few days but today i just got back all my items. I'm so happy but kinda sad that the asshole deleted all my pictures in the camera and took away my 2gb memory card in my phone. But no matter how i'm still happy that i got back my stuff in kinda good condition (my memory card~~~ T^T)

100 truths..... tagged by Aliza

001. Real Name : Cheryl Teh
002. Nickname(s) : Shewu, Chiru, C.T(Siti)
003. Age : 17
004. Horoscope : Gemini
005. Gender : Female
006. Elementary : Peter And Jane Montessori
007. Primary School : SRJK(c) Yuk Chai
008. Secondary School : SMK Sultan Abdul Samad
009. College : wherever i'll be heading in the future
010. Hair Colour : brownish black?
011. Hair Length : long
012. Loud Or Quiet : quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans : jeans
014. Phone or Camera : both
015. Health Freak : sounds like my friend hm.... XD
016. Drink or Smoke : neither... only drink a bit
017. Do you have a crush on someone : nope
018. Eat or Drink : Both.. their our life source man
019. Piercings : just the ear... not planning for more >.<
020. Tattoos : only temporary ones XD
021. Social or Anti-Social : Both. (:
022. Righty or lefty : left
023. First Piercing : Ear
024. First Relationship : Inone yet... not interested :P
025. First Best Friend : Li Sze
026. First Award : Best English Essay award during primary school
027. First Kiss : mommy~!
028. First Pet : fighting fish
029. First Big Vacation : Australia
030. First love at first sight : hmm... can't remember
031. First Big Birthday : during my 11th yr birthday... my whole house was packed~!
032. First Surgery : none yet
033. First sport you joined : ping pong
034. Orange or Apple juice : Apple
035. Rock or Rap : both
036. Country or Screamo : both
037. N-SYNC or Backstreet Boys : Backstreet Boys
038. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera : Christina Aguilera
039. Night or Day : Night
040. Sun or Moon : moon
041. TV or Internet : Internet
042. Playstation or Xbox : playstation... thats all i got
043. Kiss or Hug : Hugs
044. Iguana or Turtle : Turtle
045. Spider or Bee : Creepy Crawly Spider
046. Fall or Spring : Spring <3
047. Limewire or iTunes : Limewire.. Free Music duh
048. Soccer or Baseball : none... not interested in either
049. Eating : when hungry.. *tummy rumbles*
050. Drinking : plain water
051. Excitement level : tired
052. Im about to : go to bath
053. Listening to: angelina ft nb ridaz- ever since the first time
054. Plans for today: finish homework and top hat
055. Waiting for : my birthday present from parents XD
056. Energy level : medium
057. Thinking about someone : yeap
058. Want kids : maybe
059. Want to get married : maybe
060. When :26 and above
061. How many kids do you want : Not more than 3.
062. Any name in mind : not yet
063. is missing (???) : Kanon
064. is missing : holidays
065. Mellow future or Wild : mellow
066. Something you would never try : Drugs
067. Which is better in a boy : sincerity
068. Lips or Eyes : eyes
069. Romantic or Funny : romantic
070. is missing : the hols la
071. Protective or Caring : both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous : both
073. Nice stomach or Nice Arms : either one.. swt
074. Sensitive or Loud : Sensitive.
075. Hook-up or Relationship : Relationship
076. Trouble-maker or Hesitant : hesitant
077. Muscular or normal : normal?
078. Kissed a stranger : nah...
079. Broken a bone : nope
080. Lost glasses/ contacts : yeap
081. Ran away from home : never
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense : nope
083. Killed somebody : no way
084. Broken someone's heart : i don think so? not my heart so me donno
085. Had your heart broken : nope
086. Been arrested : Nope
087. Cried when someone died : duh
088. Liked a friend more than a friend : mah
089. Do you believe in yourself : Yes
090. Miracles : Yes
091. is missing ??? : Kanon.. whats with these questions?
092. Heaven : is above?
093. When do you want to die : when the time comes i guess
094. Tooth Fairy : is true? i think..
095. Kiss on a first date : no dates
096. Angels : are around us
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : no one
098. Are you seriously happy with your life rite now : yeap just kinda tired of the SPM thing
099. Do you believe in God : Yes I do
100. Will you post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people : ya since i went through this long post already so it's time for others to suffer wahahaha.

ppl i tagged:
Yen Peng
Yu Hong
and anyone else who saw this post... YOU have to do it haha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sun-U Animangaki 2009

Here's the upcoming event that I will be attending. There are many more events to come but I won't be attending since this is my SPM year so I am only allowed to attend events till June. So i sure hope that this will be a great event! ^^
TIME : 10.00am until 6.00pm

For those who does not know how to get there. Map here via KL railway and minibus:

Ticket Payment
General Public & Non-cosplayers

RM 8.00 per day
*Once payment is made, an entrance ticket will be given to you.
*Beyond entry, we will also stamp on the back of your hand.
2-day package = RM 12.00 only
*This package must be purchased at the same time and place. Separate buying is strictly not allowed.
Cosplayer Bonus: RM 5.00 per day.
*Each cosplayers will be given a press tag and entrance ticket for easy identification.
*Color of press tag will indicate the day(s) they're coming.
*Cosplayers can purchase the two-day ticket at the same time.
*To get this price, cosplayers must come on the event day itself.
*By cosplayer means, 70-80% dressed as one. Not just wearing any neko mimis, or something like that.

The Power of AniManGaki's Entrance Ticket:
-It not only acknowledges that you've paid for the entrance, but you can also use it to participate in our Lucky Draw contest.
-A new concept in our event is that the public can vote for their choice cosplayers in the cosplay competition.
-The ticket will have two sections to cut away; one for the lucky draw, and the other for a single vote in the cosplay competition.
-Specific counters will be set for votings or lucky draw to take place.

Here's the floor plan and the doujin booth map.

They'll be doujin booths, performances, cosplay competitions and loads more. If you guys have the time or just wanna come and look for fun just do so~! ^^

* all information is grabbed from comicfiestaforum
For more information you can look here

Back to school

*yawn* *blinks eyes* so sleepy~ need sleep badly. *bangs head on the table*

I'm so sleepy, 2 weeks of holidays can really make a difference. Now i don't even have energy to open my eyes on the last period just now. Today's the first day of school for the 2nd semester and yes, I hate it.

After coming back to school there is just so much things to do. I can't believe so many stuff can pile up in just a day. Now i better start bucking up and finish what i have left. Hopefully i can finish all in time :)

this is Sound Horizon-石畳の緋き悪魔, a band that i'm listening to recently.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Too Much!

Right after the camp it was a straight trip to boulevard hotel for my birthday celebration with my family. I invited Yumi over too since my parents got a room for me and another friend to share with.

On Friday we went out with Karis, Rachael, Ryan, Richmond and Calvin at Midvalley to celebrate my birthday which turned out more like a small outing. It was great and we managed to watch the show '17 again'.

On Saturday i went over to Yumi's house for a stay over and it was also Lolita Day so we took the chance to celebrate together with Blackcatz. We went to Bangsar Village for a small photoshoot and took some interesting pictures. Will upload them when i get the pictures from Yumi.

For the last few days all 3 of us have been watching Antic Cafe and Gazette PV's and comments. Now my head is full of their songs and i'm really going more and more crazy for their songs~! And once again i'm falling head over heels for Kanon from Antic cafe~! XD really i gotta get a grip onto myself lol.

here's antic cafe in their world tour hehe

Antic Cafe ish LOVE! NYAPPY~! o(≧∀≦)o

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Super Camp was the bomb~!

haha yea i know its late to post this up but i was too caught up with other stuff after coming back. Anyway just a light flashback on what has happened during this 4 day camp.

Early in the morning on the 30th of June i went over to Assunta school and met up with Karis and the others. We had to be separated from our schools since there wasn't a bus which fits all of us and there is only 10 of us from my school. My bus reached there later then scheduled due to lost of direction haha. We had a late lunch and threw our bags into our respective rooms before going down for the amazing race. I was staying in the same room as Karis and Yen Peng. We were devided into groups and were given weird names as followed.

1.GSC (mine which stands for gunshots of China)









The hall
The most outstanding car among all cars at the campsite XD
The room... not mine thought XDWe went back to the hall tired and sleepy after all the running around but before we can even rest we had a talk to attend. This talk was given by a guy name Brian Wong, interested in knowing more just check here After that it was straight to the room and into the beds.

Brian Wong in personHis tips to sucess

The next day we had obstacle coarse and jungle trekking. The obstacle coarse was pretty fun and consists plenty of hard work and teamwork. For me I'm really glad my team is really supportive and has loads of teamwork. We finished all the course pretty late but we were happy to finish it together with teamwork. Later on the jungle trekking consists of a 5 km walk into the woods and a quick cut through the kampung orang asli. It was really tiring but it was worth the walk since i needed to loss off the fats anyway.

Next day the schedule is hot springs and flying fox. Me and Karis got ready for the hots springs since our group was to do this activity together. After breakfast we gathered at the hall and went our separate ways. The hot spring was great after all the jungle trekking and it really makes one sleepy and relieved. We were to lazy to do anything after the hot spring. Lucky for me the flying fox was an easy one with only long walks to attend to. The low rope course was really tiring for me but fun at the same time as there were so many checkpoints to play round. The high rope was pretty short and simple but its a 20 meter higher up into the air as you cross over from tree to tree and later with the help of someone from below you drop yourself down and they level you slowly to the ground. After that it was the flying fox. Sadly the flying fox was pretty short and low but all together it is my first experience so it wasn't too bad.

The hot spring~ or more like the cold part XDLow rope climbing
Later at night each group had to present a play or anything they like but must involve of the lessons we have learned during camp and my group decided to present a play involving the jungle trekking. We played about and at the end of the day our group took home 3rd place with smiles on our faces. We all stayed up late later on, the others came over and hanged around in our rooms, playing twister and having snacks. Karis decided to retire early as we went to other rooms to see what they were doing.
Playing twister XD
Yen Peng was a in a position where she had to smell Karis butt XD

The next day many woke up late including us. We rushed off to the hall straight away fear for the punishment. After packing our bags we headed down for lunch and headed straight home. The bus was full of laughter and noise which mainly came from my school side since we decided to be barbarians for the day.

Oh ya the next few pics are just us all cam whoring and taking for fun XDAll the pictures are from Yen Peng and Melissa. Great thanks to them~! ^^

From 30 May to 2 June. Had fun and miss all :)