Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time is ticking

I love this year as it is my senior year and that means free and easy next year but sometimes i just plain hate it.

First Senior year means stepping down from all my posts. I'm really happy since i'll have more time for studies and other things but little did i know i still have things to do. The installation for interact is coming and the new B.O.D is low on cash. With so little time i fear for the install. There are so many problems going on in the new B.O.D even thought they don't show it out but if this goes on i don't know what will be of Interact Club.

Second senior year means our last year so of course we wanna make memories in every way we can. Out of the blue i became the graphic designer AND the photographer for my class yearbook leavers page. I didn't mind the job thought, since it was something i like to do but there were alot of problems along the way which just kills my brain. My mom just has to come home early everytime i'm doing the layout and thats when she'll give me the lecture of spending too much time on the computer.

Third My class decided to have a specially design class T-shirt since most of the other classes has done so. Once again i wounded up being the designer after being chosen from others who chipped in their designs. There were so many ups and downs as my class was picky on the fabric, the printer quality and the designs. I don't blame them since no one wants a bad T-shirt but i just wish they would inform me on other shops earlier or give me the info's earlier. When i thought that everything was just about going fine some problem just has to pop out of nowhere. Now i have to make a few changes to the design so it's back to the drawing board. Once again my mum came to me for a few lectures and informed me about being layed back and not caring about all my studies when now my whole head is full of the word SPM.

Fourth I thought my interact club's layout was done by someone so i never asked till not long ago. Found out that the layout is only halfway in progress after been passed on from one to another. Without fail i had to be a goody-two-shoes and try to redesign the the layout since there was no progress going on. somehow i never learn my lessons but can't blame me right, Who would wanna have a sucky page for their last year? oh ya, once again more lectures from my mom and my dad just had to contribute.

Finally you can never exclude studies on such a crucial year. With all the things going on i never have the heart to concentrate on my studies. I know i shouldn't be doing all those but i just can't leave them hanging halfway. So now i'm trying to juggle my studies with my other activities together with trying to go for tuition next week since i never understand some of my teachers in class.

Drawing always manage to help me release some stress besides music and it's the one thing i can do in school so i took back my old habit of drawing in class again. XD

here's a drawing of Allen Walker from the anime D-gray man. I decided to try out my color pens for the first time and it looks kinda sucky. Will try to improve in next picture =]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunway College Trip

I never knew i would be returning to Sunway College once again this fast~! Our school suddenly informed us that we were to attend a seminar at Sunway College the next day so we were really happy since we get a chance to skip class (especially sejarah)

In the morning once it struck 8, we headed down to the bus. Me and Jenny just had to take the back seat for the fun of it but it was a really giddy ride XD
Malini and Zakiah at the hall where the talk was held
One of the lecturer. Use to be and ex samadian too YEA~!

After the talk on how to choose our right paths, their courses in Sunway College and a more deep info on accounts course we had a trip around the school. Now our journey, begins.

Heres the torture room XD
The bunny is so cute~! i so wanna take it out and hug it
The hamster just won't stop running and it's so fast till even in this picture it looks like a fuzzball
We continue on to the biology lab i think... look at the 10kg door stopper XD
Then we headed on to the arts side yay~! too bad the art gallery is close due to construction :P
Here's the multimedia design i think... pretty nice place and Jenny just went bongkers for the comps XD
They even have a room where voice recording is made just like those DJ's XD
here's Jenny and Malini haha
Before heading out i spotted THIS~! someone drew a pic of gackt, nice~!
Later on we headed to the library...
aha caught someone asleep redhanded~!
While waiting for the lecturer Steven to find the teachers... we bored XD
Then we headed to the hospitality and tourism floor. Hey Malini took my back~!
They even have a special hotel room made for practice in this place. wonder if they use it for anything else.... XD
Here's a cafeteria that will soon be open by the students here themselves.
Here's the culinary arts section... we had to keep our hands in the pockets to prevent any missing food 'accidents' from happening XD

After that we headed for lunch and it was not bad. We even went to grab some bubble tea before heading outside for the bus.

Me and Malini camwhoring XD
Our noisy class XD
group picture~!
haha the guys as usual wants their group picture too XD

After our goodbye's we hopped on the bus and headed back to school~! this time me and Jenny grabbed the front seats,scared that our lunch will end up outside of our stomachs if we seat at the back again XD

Here's the whole gang in the bus

On the way to school we found out that we still have to attend sejarah class according to time so there was panic and fear as we all didn't bring our sejarah books. After some discussions and hard thinking among the class we decided toPONTENG CLASS!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lin Hui's Birthday

On the same day it was also my most fearful day, report card day. With my 'lovely' marks i had a great time of silence with my parents in the car. Now i know what it means by silence kills. Lucky for me i still managed to be able to go for Lin Hui's birthday since well, it's a birthday so.

I was suppose to catch a cab but i ended hitching a ride with Rachael as i only found out she was invited and going to the party when i was waiting for a cab lol. If i knew earlier i wouldn't need to wait outside for so long, waving my hand at each cab that passes by! *hmph*

We got there late by an hour but the party just started not long so we were considered 'on time' haha. When Lin Hui makes a party she calls loads alright. There was so many people there till we all had to go out to the streets! But we didn't mind since the others were all there anyway.

Pinky and Rachael
Look at the freaking cute baby~! XD
We were bored awhile later so the others started to play with balloons. So called grown-ups we are XD

Husband and wife opening the wine haha
Carmen and fred :)
After awhile later it was time for the birthday girl to cut her cake~! That girl finally stopped running around helping and settled for some pictures. XD

The lovely cake~ really sweet thought

dear birthday girl with her boyfriend hehe


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Kanon~!

I know i'm late for posting this up but i was really busy the last few days and totally forgot about my fav bass player in Antic Cafe, KANON~!

Gomenasai Kanon i forgot all about your birthday~! Happy belated birthday to you which was on the 5 of july! Hope you had a great 25th birthday and all the best to you and the group. NYAPPY~! o(≧∀≦)o

Oh ya also congrats to antic cafe for releasing another new album~! yay~ more songs for me XD One thing i can say is this time Kanon's dress style is way different and unexpected. Yumi keeps telling me he looks like a girl in this album and i totally agree with her but no matter how he is still the Kanon i love yay~!The colourful group XD

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Samad Carnival 2009

On the 4th f July (independence day~!) my school had a carnival to raise funds for the school. It was pretty big and there were many stalls but this year still doesn't beat during my form 1 year where there were so many stalls i had to buy more coupons again.

This time i dragged my brother along with me to help me out with the store scared there will be no helpers. Ended up my class store didn't need any help at all as there was enough helpers and we sold out in less then 2 hours time! XD
My brother looking after the stall

so instead i took my brother around the place for fun. There were a few performances and it was pretty good. There was Vishals group which contains of Dicky on guitar and Jason on electric guitar. There's also Chee Chung's band which always perform XD

Vishal's band the debtors
Chee Chung and Aaron's bandDavid and Keh Hann
A huge orchestra XD
My brother trying his luck. Not bad he got a prize XD
The watermelon eating competition~!
5A's human futsal. Interesting idea
After some fun we headed to the ais kacang stall where i ended up helping all the way till the carnval ended. Sucks right? XD but it wasn't too bad as i already had my part of fun and there wasn't anything else to do already anyway.

After the carnival, me and my brother followed Aaron, Rachael and a few more to KFC for lunch.