Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010, here comes 2011~!

so fast and another year has passed already, somehow i feel kinda sad and old :P

haha even so there's no way their gonna stop me from my cosplay plans this year XD surprisingly i got alot of plans for this year and their piling up like hot cakes! really need to clear them, shoo shoo~!

today's the first day of the year and i am lazing in the house doing nothing :P well it feels like every other day so who cares~ XD now i'm compiling my plans and getting ready for college.. sure hope i can get all things done nicely throughout the year XD

i really hope that the first event of the year isn't going to be some awesome big event cuz i really don't have much ready for any new cosplays yet.. now currently working on a plan that was suppose to be done last year, Ikuto from shugo chara.

Ikuto School uniform ver.

Ikuto Death Rebel Version
will be trying out both versions but the confirmed one is the death rebel version. Since the school uniform version is so simple i thought i'll just do it for a try since i got the wig just for ikuto :P might as well try more versions of him XD

other plans i'll slowly post up, currently wanna keep it down first :P will work on these few first hehe... i just hope i can get all the plans done in time and not like last year just did so few oni (>.<)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

and it is over 9000~!!!

haha well guys comic fiesta is officially over and the responds was awesome~! according to comic fiesta we had a total of more then 1100 over ppl attended CF this year compared to the 7k+ ppl last year~!

this year is really different from my previous 2 years since i somehow managed to get a big group of kuroshitsuji cosplayers through my own class XD me and yumi were pretty surprise on how we managed to get so many ppl in at one go haha

starting from Friday onwards i had yumi, blackcatz, emma, jian leng, jian yong and kai staying over my place preparing for CF~ god the whole house was so pack (>.<)
Kai and Jian Yong on the com and PSP
The huge pile of bags, clothings and what not from all of them O.OJian leng trying out the sebastian costume
friday we all stayed up late as expected, while the guys were outside hanging around playing and watching their movies the girls were in the room chatting and gossiping away :P

the nxt morning we had to drag ourselves awake at 6 just to get ready for the event and god it was tiring and rushing to get everyone up and ready, before we could even get half the things done misaki was already outside with mal waiting for us XD

rushed and got our sleepy asses over to times square, surprisingly the event was quite easy to find XD we got ourselves in and we started decorating and getting the booth ready

woohoo mah keychains~ sadly slow sell T^T
made by me and misaki, was pretty good sales for this one, sold out! XD
Jian yong's sock toys~ was the best seller among all of us and really they are freaking adorable~ XD

after getting the booth done the rest of us went out to yumi and continued getting our costumes and stuff ready.

me helping jian leng style his wig, i really need to go learn how to style wigs properly >.<
(ahaha can see my so called pantsu :P)at the same time mal and the others were hanging around and just dilly dalling around.

mal in her tetris block~ so cute right? XD
by the time we were ready it was like around 1 already? god yumi nearly fainted after doing all the make up, that girl really scares me sometimes (>A<) by then there were so many ppl around and there were so many waiting to take our pics so we couldn't really say no to them so we let them take a few, the few sadly became alot and we were tired out and tried to crawl our way out for lunch.
a shot of our group~
Ciel- yumi
Elizabeth- blackcatz
Madam Red- me
Finnian- jean
Sebastian- jian leng
Ranmao- mel
later on after regaining our energy and stability we returned to the hall while me and misaki went to look after the booth for awhile. We later return to the group and continued with more shoots again :P

after awhile we finally saw jamie and blade~! remember them from cosfest? XD

blade as sebastianjamie as cielwell to make things short we had alot of pictures taken and were tired out by the end of the day, the group was just awesome and all our hardwork really paid off XD

our dear meylene with epic pose XD
one of our best pics (^^) thanks alexander!

i kinda like this pic donno why XD maybe cuz it's like my everyday thing to bully yumi so this is pretty usual :P

a group pic together with jamie and blade~ awesome! XD

i only managed to get this one pic where we stole jian off with us for awhile, i looks fat in this pic T^T but it was pretty cool XDyays to more pics~ loolx

well thats for day 1, we got back to my house pretty early and relaxed for dinner and a good bath... surprisingly the high heels didn't kill my feet as much as i expected, that thing is so freaking tall and a size smaller then my original feet size, killer shoes~!!!! (>.<)

the nxt day it's up and early once again for all of us, luckily this time i didn't need that much make up cuz kuroki doesn't show his eyes XD

this time we worked out a better system for our booth as kai and mal offered to look after the booth, haha kai even went in his lau costume to look like some chine seller selling stuff XD

this time luckily we didn't have that much spotlight like day 1 so we practically lazed around and stone to rest... emma on the other hand took the spotlight and got his part of fame XD

woohoo my failed kuroki~! forgot i needed to style the wig more and practically forgot bout it the whole day :P
me and misaki posing together, donno why so many wanted our pic together but i guess they don't really know we aren't from the same manga... misaki's one better, she's doing her OC XD

emma taking spotlight~ XD yay our rest day~ (-w-)
me, za and bad~ loolx kuroki became lady killer? can't think that will happen :Pme, yumi and blackcatz after their lolita runway show~ weirdest group for a picture but haha it is the 3 of us XD

well thats all i guess, i don't have much pictures this time cuz my brother was unable to attend for day 2 and he wasn't feeling very well halfway in day 1~

my thoughts for CF:
this years venue i can't say is the best but i don't blame as the amount of ppl attended almost doubled from last year (YES it did >D) overall it was a blast and i thank the CF committee for organizing this event again even though i heard there were alot of financial problems which was also the other reason of the change of venue.

Thank you to everyone especially my friends who joined me and hanged out with me throughout CF, thank you to all who helped out in the booth and thank you to all the photographers for the awesome pictures~! i gained new friends, experience and memories which i will treasure with all my heart, i hope to see CF grow better and brighter next year~!

and that is all for me about CF i guess, sure can't wait for nxt years one and i sure hope i can get another round of awesome group cosplays like this year again~ XD

mah day 1 and day 2 cosplay, looks different? XD

madam redkuroki
thank you CF once again~!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clickity Click

don't even know why i put up my new post as that title but yeah, new post finally XD

just one more week from now and Comic Fiesta is gonna be on~!! gods how time flies and shiat there is still so much left to be done! OAO

with the days just flying pass since the start of sem break i've been busy with my costumes, props and my doujin work. So many things to do yet so little time, (more like i was lazy) i finally managed to get my day 1 costume done.

now with only my doujin work and my day 2 props left to be done i guess i'm pretty much screwed XD well i didn't really plan to work much on the doujin work anyway so i'll work hard on my prop first :P

with only 4 more days to go i guess i'm pretty much screwed but well at least my weapon's attachment problem kinda worked out XD so now with a few more doujin work to do and i should be done dy.. sure hope i can finish it by thursday in order to get it printed by then (>.<) anyway here's the details of the event just in case for anyone who doesn't know Date: 18 & 19 December 2010
Venue: 14th floor Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

remember it's up in the ballroom so as shown from the picture below, don't get lost k?

sure hope everything will go as planned >.< so many things i damn scared cannot get done in time.. now going to spray my weapons and hope that it comes out nicely! *begs and pray*

will update on my weapon progress and about CF soon~ now no time to blog dy :P

ta ta~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another genting trip? loolx XD

for the past few years i've not gone to genting, this year i've gone twice already.. what are the odds. XD

this time i went with yumi, emmanuel and jian leng. Only the few of us since yumi's mom was the one who invited us and gave us the free room. Only a 2 day trip but it was pretty fun.

monday morning met up with yumi in KL central. Jian Leng and Emmanuel were staying over at my place for the past few days so they just tagged along.

both boys doing their own stuff as usual =.=
Yumi with her bunnies~ keep torturing it the whole trip :P
after getting to genting off we went into the cable car~ there weren't much ppl so we managed to steal off one cable car to ourselves.
JL running away from the cam again
yumi epic face 1
yumi was loving the cold air so much she reminded me abit like a dog. :P

once we got there we went off to check in, as expected check in time is only 3 so we decided to put our bags at the luggage department and go play the outdoor themepark first. But before that we wanted food so we sneaked into one of the floors and got ourselves a cup of maggie each XD

pretty nice pic~
you ppl so tall~ (>.<)
ahaha emma begging for more maggie :P
after eating down we went to the themepark and got into a few rides. As usual those boys (plus yumi) didn't want the solero shot again so yeah we skipped that.. but we managed to go for a few other rides and it was fun XD

yumi and JL in the train
trying to hide from the cam again, FAILED wahaha >D
they finally let me take a nice pic... finally~

the train~
haha donno what they were chatting bout again but they were having fun alright XD
loolx one pose so nice the other two doing what there oh

we later went for dinner with yumi's mom and charles where we gave aunty her surprise birthday present and cake that was planned. After that we decided to wander around abit.

awesome charcoal drawin~!!
we wanted to head over to the garden we went the last time but sadly it was under construction so we headed over to a smaller garden where it was also nice all the same~
we later on met up with yumi's mum and charles again for a drink and had some beer for the night.

yumi epic pose 2~
aunty and charles~ thanks so much for everything~
after the drinks we headed back to the room to rest. Yumi and emmanuel weren't feeling well so we didn't really stay up too late.
emma and jian lengs new pet, Hera~~! they caught it during the outdoor themepark, it was flying around the room when we were asleep, went missing in the morning and end up finding it hiding in emma's shoe XD
jian lengs future cosplay prop, kiasu king (>.<)
hahaha yumi epic face 3~ :P
me and jian leng ended up watching how to train a dragon on his com while the other two went to sleep. Halfway yumi started shivering and we found out she was sick, luckily she managed to warmth herself down abit and went back to sleep.

the next morning we woke up pretty late, lazed around in the room then later went down for breakfast with aunty and charles. After breakfast it was time for yumi's fav, her puri puri XD we did one session of puri puri and then it was my turn to play a couple of arcade games. Really genting is evil, so many nice games that you don't find in KL but all on high price.

we had nothing to do after that and we had an hour and a half to burn so we headed down to starbucks for a drink and lazed around till time.

yumi epic face 4~ with emma reading book loolx :P
jian leng spacing out abit.. hahaha
we reached the bus stop later on and waited for the bus, me and yumi started camwhoring again~ XD
well we were pretty tired so once we got into the bus we went straight to sleep. But who wouldn't miss this opportunity to snap another memory of those two eh? XD

haha well we had our bad and good times there, thanks everyone for everything and lets hope we can go again next time ^^