Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another genting trip? loolx XD

for the past few years i've not gone to genting, this year i've gone twice already.. what are the odds. XD

this time i went with yumi, emmanuel and jian leng. Only the few of us since yumi's mom was the one who invited us and gave us the free room. Only a 2 day trip but it was pretty fun.

monday morning met up with yumi in KL central. Jian Leng and Emmanuel were staying over at my place for the past few days so they just tagged along.

both boys doing their own stuff as usual =.=
Yumi with her bunnies~ keep torturing it the whole trip :P
after getting to genting off we went into the cable car~ there weren't much ppl so we managed to steal off one cable car to ourselves.
JL running away from the cam again
yumi epic face 1
yumi was loving the cold air so much she reminded me abit like a dog. :P

once we got there we went off to check in, as expected check in time is only 3 so we decided to put our bags at the luggage department and go play the outdoor themepark first. But before that we wanted food so we sneaked into one of the floors and got ourselves a cup of maggie each XD

pretty nice pic~
you ppl so tall~ (>.<)
ahaha emma begging for more maggie :P
after eating down we went to the themepark and got into a few rides. As usual those boys (plus yumi) didn't want the solero shot again so yeah we skipped that.. but we managed to go for a few other rides and it was fun XD

yumi and JL in the train
trying to hide from the cam again, FAILED wahaha >D
they finally let me take a nice pic... finally~

the train~
haha donno what they were chatting bout again but they were having fun alright XD
loolx one pose so nice the other two doing what there oh

we later went for dinner with yumi's mom and charles where we gave aunty her surprise birthday present and cake that was planned. After that we decided to wander around abit.

awesome charcoal drawin~!!
we wanted to head over to the garden we went the last time but sadly it was under construction so we headed over to a smaller garden where it was also nice all the same~
we later on met up with yumi's mum and charles again for a drink and had some beer for the night.

yumi epic pose 2~
aunty and charles~ thanks so much for everything~
after the drinks we headed back to the room to rest. Yumi and emmanuel weren't feeling well so we didn't really stay up too late.
emma and jian lengs new pet, Hera~~! they caught it during the outdoor themepark, it was flying around the room when we were asleep, went missing in the morning and end up finding it hiding in emma's shoe XD
jian lengs future cosplay prop, kiasu king (>.<)
hahaha yumi epic face 3~ :P
me and jian leng ended up watching how to train a dragon on his com while the other two went to sleep. Halfway yumi started shivering and we found out she was sick, luckily she managed to warmth herself down abit and went back to sleep.

the next morning we woke up pretty late, lazed around in the room then later went down for breakfast with aunty and charles. After breakfast it was time for yumi's fav, her puri puri XD we did one session of puri puri and then it was my turn to play a couple of arcade games. Really genting is evil, so many nice games that you don't find in KL but all on high price.

we had nothing to do after that and we had an hour and a half to burn so we headed down to starbucks for a drink and lazed around till time.

yumi epic face 4~ with emma reading book loolx :P
jian leng spacing out abit.. hahaha
we reached the bus stop later on and waited for the bus, me and yumi started camwhoring again~ XD
well we were pretty tired so once we got into the bus we went straight to sleep. But who wouldn't miss this opportunity to snap another memory of those two eh? XD

haha well we had our bad and good times there, thanks everyone for everything and lets hope we can go again next time ^^

Friday, November 19, 2010

dear sisters

been so long since we've gotten together as 3 and it really is sad.. i miss seeing blackcatz and i miss the times when all 3 of us are together.

random outing together~

i miss the times when we cracked our heads together for the next cosplay plan, working on each others costumes

our first time doing OC together

together hanging out and chatting was one of our best times~

at ichiban ramen having lunch
even though we are far away from each other, we still try our best to stay as close as possible~

lolita outing~
even though the 3 of us have very different mindsets and personality, we somehow manage to click either ways XD

random cosplay pic at sun-u XD
no matter how or where we go.. we still put our best foot and have the best of fun~

blackcatz birthday shoot~

it's been only 2 years since we met? yet we are inseparable already..

me and yumi at starbucks
no matter how far we go or how long we are being separated, we will always be together in our hearts

yumi and blackcatz

and of course we will treasure every bit of memory we have together and make the best of it, right? =]

at midvalley ss :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sem 3 over

ahh time sure flies fast~ just in a blink of an eye a year have passed and have struggled our way together throughout the good and bad ^^

Baddy and laura~

it's been a year since all of has been together but it feels as if we've known each other for years.

Mal and her coffee~

We have worked together, had fun together, quarreled together and smiled together..

the gang watching vids together

even though some of us got separated in search of our own dreams and paths, we still stay together as a class and even gathered more~ :)

CCY and keng wai~ ^^

we had fights, drama and all sorts of problems between one another before

wee down

but we still work it all out at the end and push all bad things behind us right? ^^

the gang

every morning we greet each other and smile with pure happiness, grab our seats and chat till the very end~


new relationships were made, good and bad.. there were laughter and tears, all the same.

ann nee and wee~

we gained stronger friendships and grew deeper understanding amongst each other


even though we make fun and tease each other day and night, we still love each other right emma :P

emma with gay hairband~ XD

coming into class everyday is always a great feeling no matter what class it is because everyone is there to greet with smiles and strong walls to protect one another..

mel mel~

together lets fight for our dreams and make the best of our time together till we depart. Viva la CD1001-1! ^^

The one class i loved the most and i'm sure all of spent the most time on would be drama class, really it was fun and we gained alot from it.

sadly our sem will be the last sem to have drama class and it's goodbye to gary~ luckily we can still see him around the main block once in awhile ^^

here's a few pics of from our final play, it was great and all of us had a lot of fun. Looks like we had a dress up day again afterall~ XD

angry pose~
horny pose loolx :Pfinally a normal pose XDhere's my group which consists of victor, emma, cardin, laksh and andrea~ so happy we got an A for our drama ^^

alot of ppl say it looks like some shot from the prince of Egypt loolx XD

well now sem break is here till next year, miss you all and sure hope to see you guys again soon.. which i'm sure will happen anyway :P