Thursday, January 28, 2010

family animal XD

i'm sure all of you who see this won't understand my post title and what it has to do with the pictures below except for Yumi.No need to know bout it, just have fun seeing the pics XD

*Yumi, you know what the pictures are bout right? XD

anyway just some pictures i found online while my brain is still malfunctioning. XD i need to go sleep now. *drags self to bed*

Happy Birthday Yumi~!

Happy Birthday my dear, loving, kind, trusting, wonderful sister~!

as your present i have kidnapped (so called) your two husbands for you, wahaha~!!!

now i don't owe you presents dy :P

lack of sleep is getting into my brain *whacks head*

Happy birthday Yumi~! ^^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My choice

there has been so many things going on for the last few days but thanks to some problem with my computer so i currently do not have any proper computer to use besides a tiny small laptop that can't
-read usb cords or thumbdrives
-can't download anything
-upgrade own flashplayer
-keep many things

their some pictures i wanna load into my blog but by the looks of it i can't do it at all since the pictures are in my phone T^T nevertheless i will upload together with the event when i can...

for now my most recent updates will be i finally decided on the college i will be entering. After so many visits, explorations and analysis i have decided (with parents) that i will study the january intake in THE ONE ACADEMY!

it will be hard for me to get there since it's far from my house and the class time is just scary but i sure hope that the one will be the right choice.

today was the orientation and there i met Emanuel from my school. Lucky for me i managed to find someone i know so we both sticked with each other for awhile.

Well class starts next week Monday already(freaking nervous) and whats missing lets see, i haven't paid for class yet, i haven't apply for library card, my student ID card had problems so need to get it on Monday before class starts or i can't even go for class and i wanna change my timetable cuz thursdays time is just stupid.

sure hope i can settle all on monday nicely and class will be good. I

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Which College?

Which college should i go to~~~?!?! I wanna take multimedia arts with twinning together since my mom wants me to have at least a year of experience overseas.

Somebody please give me some advise~!!! T^T