Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daicon Promo

This was just a small event held at 1 Utama and was on for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). It was a promotion for a upcoming event, Daicon which will be on 11-12 July at Grand Hall, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Campus. For more info you can check out here.

Me and Yumi went to this event for 2 days since we had trouble going on day one. The event was small and it was a event based on Mothers day too so there was a lot of Japanese prdoucts and food on sale for mothers. We wore punk style on the second day to the event and my brother decided to tag along with us too since he was bored.

We met up with beatbox, wen, yuan, mamoru and many other cosplayers there. Sadly for Yumi, the CD's and artwork that was at the event was for desplay only as she was tempted to buy her Ayumi Hamasaki CD and more original artwork. XD

We had loads of fun fooling around and since there wasn't much to do so we played around. Yuan had her fun of bullying azreal with his keyblade and we had our fun watching them. Wanna see? here's some videos from mamoru-chan :)

Guess there's nothing much to say bout the event since i didn't go very long for the second day but do support Daicon! Wen will be so happy if you do. XD

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new idea of Pervertness

Trains are always busy and packed with people especially during peak hours. In Japan there is no doubt that the train in one of the worst transport to take due to the huge amount of people. But nerveless, many still do and so the train always go overload with people as everyone squeezes together like sardines in a can so physical contact is unavoidable. Trains in Japan can be very dangerous as there are also many gropers, thieves and other baddies around. The highest crime rate has been shown to be rapers and gropers as it is a good place to sneak up on high school girls skirts and woman tights.

Due to the large amount of complaints about rapers, Japan has decided to come out with this new bizarre idea of having something called the Simulated Train Cafe. Sounds weird right? well this simulated train is opened not far from Tokyo’s Ikebukuro station. The ride costs 5,000 yen (RM189). The Train Cafe holds an “all aboard” event, where the paying male members “board” the train together with the girls and engage in simulated ‘chikan’ (groper) play.

Each ride stands for 20 minutes and the males are allowed to choose any girl they like and grab their behinds or breasts. Any upskirt activity is prohibited and will results violation if done. The females involved in the activity consists of daily females after work or passer-by's.

Taken from Koshinaka , a nice friend i met through deviantart.

I think this idea is just crazy~! It's no difference compared to prostitutes then if i must say. This idea was even said that the level of rapers in trains went down fast so it seems as a good idea. I say that it's just another way to make guys hormones go even more high and crazy. They should really learn to keep their hands to themselves there.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rushing Sunday

Once again i was a lazy bum to post things on the day itself but can't blame me, Sunday was really a busy day i tell you.

In the morning i went to hospital like what i said in my previous post, Guess what? Too lazy to repeat everything so just go see the previous post XD. I came back home around 1.30 and rushed to get ready to attend B.B's I.U day. I waited for Aliza and we went there together thanks to Aliza's mother. Aliza's sister came along with us too and she is as usual the adorable little kitten. awwww~~~

After meeting Karis and the others at the front gate we went in and grabbed our seats. The I.U days theme was New Zealand and there was another sentence to describe it but it was too long and hard for me to remember. (only remember tea something) The I.U was good, they had some pretty interesting play and dance installed for us. You could say that the play was the best since there was so much to laugh at in all the scenes.

The I.U finished later then timed so i had to rush back home for another bath and change for Karis church play she invited me to attend. I got my dad to fetch me to school where i met up with Rachael and waited for Karis to come and fetch us with Calvin and Andrew. They came late due to jam but thanks to Calvin's super 'chun' driving we got there pretty early. Poor Yu Hong was waiting for us since round 5.45 and we got there around 7. He even exclaimed that he is rusting and growing molds already just waiting for us. haha

We grabbed a drink at some store nearby, meeting Sharmaine and the others and headed into the hall to grab seats before it was too late. The hall was really big and the seats were big and comfy which was good since my back hurts a lot.
The play started pretty far from the scheduled time but there was a small band to entertain us so it didn't bother much.
The play is called Paroimia and it was really intersting. The way they acted and dance really shows their hard work and it was a really big success. Here's some photos of the play.
After the play we went back to the same store for supper and headed back home for a nice long rest. ^^

Guess What?

Remember from my previous post about my pain in the back and leg? Well right on that day my parents brought me to the hospital straight away and had a check up done.

The doctor made up an appointment with a specialist for the next day so i had to go back to assunta hospital once more the next morning. My mother was worried but i accepted the idea of an injection as long as it can stop the pain so the doctor gave me a nice injection near my hips on the left and surprisingly the pain went away after awhile.

The next morning i went to the hospital with my parents and had some time looking for the specialist. You can get confused in that place if you don't ask. We were late by the time we went through all the registration and papers just to go see the doctor.

So guess what i got? really guess. I myself never knew i would get this problem in my whole life. It was one of the last things that would occur in my brain that a girl like me would actually get. After all the checking the doctor told me that i have something call SLIP DISC~! really i never knew that i would get slip disc! I was about to laugh at the doctor and ask whether it was a joke. But sadly he had a serious face on him so i gave up the thought of doing so.

So now i have to stay far away from running(no more running exercise for me) , carrying heavy stuff (meaning my heavy school bag) and bending down (gotta stay straight like a stick). And everytime i wanna sit, it is best i have a pillow right behind my back. Too bad i couldn't get the doctor to write a letter to school to allow me to bring a pillow to school for extra comfort. XD

In a few weeks if the pain goes away then hooray for me i won't need to go back to the hospital for further check-ups but if i still do then it's straight to the doctor for me. T^T

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tagged by cosplayer friend, Wen XD

Choose 12 characters, then answer the questions.
1. Sebastian-kuroshitsuji
2. Tifa -ff7
3. Sasuke Naruto
4. Cloud Strife- FF 7
5. Hitsugaya-bleach
6. Soul- Soul Eater
7. death the kid- soul eater
8. inuyasha-inuyasha
9. sakura-naruto
10. ichigo-bleach
11. Yuki-vampire knight
12. Ciel-kuroshitsuji

1. Who could be better professor on the college, 6 or 11? Which subject could they teach?
-hm soul or yuki... i guess neither since both also don study in class wan.. XD one teach how to get souls another how to kill vampires XD

2. Do you think that 4 is sexy? How much?
-Hmm he does have the body.. xD

3. 12 sends 8 on a mission. What kind of mission is this and will it be succesfull?
ciel sending inuyasha? hahaha go try killing sebastian.. (but will never be successful la)

4. What is (or could be) favourite book of 9?
hm... anything that has sasuke inside.. XD

5. What could make more sense: That 2 is telling dirty things to 6 or 6 to 2?
hm tifa ans soul... i think tifa telling soul will make more sense since soul always nose bleeds.. XP

6. For some reason, 5 looks for a lodger. Should s/he live with 9, or 10?
I think hitsugaya will definatly go for ichigo since he's not sasuke so sakura will definatly whack him out

7. 2, 7 and 12 are eating dinner/supper together. Where will they go and about what they will talk?
hm maybe some nice cafe i guess... all calm type of ppl... XD

8. 3 challenges 10 for a duel. What happens?
both hard headed ppl will just keep fighting till who knows when

9. If 1 could steal 9's most precious thing, how 9 could get it back?
sebastian definatly can take sakuras stuff but wonder how she'll take it back though..

10. Suggest a title for the tale, where 7 and 12 get the thing they always wanted?
symmetrical phantome?

11. What would you think up (in storyline) if you want, that 4 and 1 would be together?

hm sebastian and cloud? hmmmmm..... ???

12. If 7 could visit you in the weekend, how could you spend your time?
no way i'm gonna live.. he'll make everything semetrical wherever we go XD

13. If you could order 3 to do one thing for you, what kind of thing would it be?
teach me ninja skills XD

14. Is someone from your friends draws or writes about 11?
alot likes here but draw then oni me kua...xD

15. If 2 would have to choose between 4 and 5, who would s/he choose?
tifa will definatly choose cloud no doubt...

16. What could be 10's battle scream?
i forgot.. XD long time never watch dy

17. If you could choose the song that represents 8, what song could that be?
hm... maybe injury from dearest

18. 1, 6 and 12 are sitting in dark, chinese restaurant. There's only one pancake left and everyone reach for it in last while... Finish it.
soul decided to be cheeky and pushed ciel aside but failed as sebastian grabed hold of ciel and took the pancake at the same time. Soul emo at the corner as sebastian was forced to give the pancake to ciel since he wants it.

19. What could tell 2 to 10, if he would want to go on date with him/her?
tifa and ichigo? wanna fight?

20. For what most likely the 5 could be arrested?
breaking the soul society rules?

21. What is 6's secret?

22. If 11 and 9 would race, who would be first?
yuki against sakura... i think sakura since she's a ninja?

23. 1 and 9 reluctantly save the world together, from the secret organisation ruled by 4. 11 offers them their help, but later it is shown that he's 4's spy in reality. In the meantime, 4 kidnaps 12, to force them to surrender. Guided by 5's wise advice, they are looking for 3, which gives them what they need to finish their quest. What title could you give to this fanfic? Choose 3 people from friends list who could read it. Choose one, who could write it..(im gonna ignore the read/write part !! XD)
Double S'~! since it's sakura and sebastian and both of such different characters wei.

1. Wen (just tag you back for fun la.. XD)
2. Ryan (since you know bout anime more :P)
3. Azreal

Unlucky me

"Now I understand how a old person feels like, really."

Just a week or 2 ago i had a minor pain in my left leg and it always hurts when i sit down for too long. It wasn't much of a bother so i decided to ignore hoping it would fade away. After some time the pain got worse so i decided to inform my parents about this. They ignore the thoughts about it saying that i've just been using my leg too much and told me to rest more so i followed their orders. (their parents so no objection there.)

Just this Tuesday night i had a headache so took a nap. The next thing i woke up i had a flue with a high fever to match with (lovely combination isn't it?) so i had Wednesday off from school to sleep all day and loads of water and panadol to accompany me. When Thursday came i woke up with a sore throat and was to go to school since my fever was down and according to my dad i look 'well' (rachael even said i look sick and dead ok). I ended up with no voice for almost half the day in school whispering to everyone because i lost my voice. Lucky for me my voice kinda came back during the end of the school. Friday which is today came and all was well with only a small headache, flue and the leg pain to go. I ended up walking back from school today since we finished everything rather early and if i were to wait for mak cik it would mean waiting for another 2 more hours so why waste the time when home is so near? Took the walk and halfway down i felt a sudden pain in my leg and back. Like the picture below. XD

I crawled my way back home and took a rest. The pain wasn't so bad so i took a bath and headed to the computer later on. After awhile Rachael came over and we chatted for awhile. The pain this time was so painful i couldn't even bend my body in a minor 25 degrees downwards and getting up and down from chairs was pain. I fell asleep on the floor after awhile until Rachael's mother came to fetch her and i wanted to get up to open the door for her. When i tried i felt pain all over until i couldn't even get myself up at all. Rachael was rushing so she went out herself and left the key inside. After i got up a tried to stand still but the pain was so unbearable i nearly cried. I grabbed onto my couch at the side and sustained myself properly before getting up the steps. It took me awhile before i could even crawl up the stairs without crying out in pain.

Now i'm waiting in pain for my father to take me to the hospital. I do hope that i won't have anymore major illness like the stupid ear infection the last time. The infection was even unknown by the doctor and was needed to be brought to the lab for furthur inspection.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Karis~!

As you can see today is Karis birthday and that means she has just became one year older~! XD ok ok 1 year more matured.

May all your wishes come true and all the best in your SPM girl~! ^^

hehe a pic from your suprise party.. xD


This post is actually last saturdays but as usual the lazy me won't update so fast until there's the mood for it. XD

On that very Saturday i was suppose to be at school rooting for my dear red house but instead where was i? Sunway Piramid~! XD

It was really early when i woke up to prepare as my father always needs to go to the office early and since i want my free transport there i have to follow him out early too. After fetching Lin Hui, Hing Lu and Ivy we went over to Sunway and reached there around 9. The mall wasn't open yet so we had to wait outside until the mall opened and we rushed in to find the location of Raymond Lam's autobiography session. We were the first customers to buy the Ali Cafe thing for the poster which is the only way to get his signature. I on the other hand had no interest in Raymond at all but tagged along with them as i waited for Yumi and Blackz Catz to come. After Jennyfer came we went back to the event and waited,standing for Jenny's idol. XD

Lin Hui, Hing Lu, Ivy and Jenny~!

Yumi and BlackCatz came late but i was glad they could come. Took a break at a cafe for awhile and had a long chat. We took off to the cinema's to check out the time for a movie but ended up not going since there was so many people and it was really crowded. We then decided to depart to taking sticker photo's instead and had a blast there taking loads of pictures.

After walking around alot since our goal was actually to find clothings for our next cosplay event we stopped at Ichiban Ramen for dinner. During the whole time wherever we go so many people took our pictures which really made us uneasy for it would be nicer if they would just come up and ask us for pictures then pretending to play with the phone when the camera is so obviously facing us and snapping away with the loud sounds. I mean it's really rude to simply take others picture without requesting ok? Even thought what we wore was really striking but it doesn't mean you can just simply snap our pictures without asking. At least there was one guy at ichiban ramen who came up and asked us politely for a picture. Now that is what i call manners. HMPPH~!
Yumi and BlackzCatz checking out the pictures they took at ichiban ramen. XD

At the end we did not succeed finding our costume(as expected anyway, we weren't even confirmed on our costumes yet~!) but all the same happy that we spended some time together since we hardly have time to meet each other. The day turned out great and it was great fun too. Too bad i forgot to camwhore abit so there isn't much pics with me. Maybe i'll upload some of our sticker pictures but i might just end up being too lazy to do so. XD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forgetful me

Well this is actually yesterdays event but was too tired to post anything yesterday cuz i was rushing to finish the layout for our school yearbook on SPM and STPM.

Before i went out to go to school my father and Greg(my brother) was already up and ready to head out too. Little did i know that i opened the door and waited with my brother for my father and forgot all about my keys. My dad didn't took any notice of it so he locked the door and took my keys with him. The school day went on with my keys in my fathers pocket and by the time i found out i forgot my keys i was already on the way back home in the van. Lucky for me i brought my phone to school that day :P so called my dad and had to wait until 6 for my dad to come back with the keys.

I ended up at Rachael's house with Karis, Yu Hong, Shok Chang and Chong Giap. It was really funny when they were all squeezing in the van with the primary students, luckily i grabbed the front seat first. XD We had lunch at the cafeteria first before heading to Rachael's house where we just lazed around and chatted until their tuition teacher came. I took over Rachaels laptop while they were having tuition until my dad came back which ended up was around 6.30?

Tired and sleepy, i quickly took a shower and rushed to finish the yearbook layout which i promised Jen Jen last week. A punishment to me for delaying the dateline. XD By the time i finished everything it was already almost 12 so i stumbled straight to bed after closing everything.

Song of the day: Hilary Duff-wake up

Friday, April 10, 2009

Choir time

Today morning passed faster then i expected. There was the choir practice before recess and it was really weird as we tried our best to synchronize ourselves. Our headmistress has really been giving us more work to do by changing the songs we wanted to sing, our attire (long sleeve white blouse, long black skirt and black cord shoes? so weird) and now she wants us girls to have make up on so we can look more professional. It's just Anugerah Cemerlang and just 3 songs we sing everyday during perhimpunan and she makes everything just so complicating. T^T

Later after school i chatted with Karis outside while she waited for the people to come fetch her for the undang-undang exams. After awhile i decided to head on to the bus stop to catch the bus. I headed to Times Square to meet up with Yumi (Li Lin). Funny when one just misses a friend, haha. We then went for lunch and had a long talk together.

After awhile later we walked around and talked about our upcoming cosplay ideas. C2age is coming in less then a months time and we haven't fully confirm our characters yet. Even thought it's only characters that we thought up by ourselves but it sure is giving us more problem instead. There was a conclusion of other cosplay characters for future cosplays and we decided to try out mahou sensei negima and school rumble if possible. Problem for us is always the $$$. XD

Ah~! Tomorrow got choir and Leo's I.R day to attend. So feel like sleeping instead but there's no way i can until both are finish. T^T The next few weekends are gonna be occupied with I.U's too and that means alot of washing for my dear uniform. Come to think of it i have no idea where my interact uniform is, better go dig it out later XD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100 Q and A

Tag;People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs. Tag 10 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

I've tagged,
Yen Peng
Seng Wai
Shok Chang
Yu Hong
Aliza Sara

1.What have you been doing recently?
Answering these questions and on a forum

2. Do you ever turn your cellphone off?

3. What happened at 10.00 am today?
in school

4. When did you last cry?
not long ago

5. Believe in fate/destiny?

6. What do you want in your life right now?
good results

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?
either one

8. What's your favourite thing to have on your bed?
blanket and pillow

9. What bottom are you wearing now?
white shorts

10. What's the nicest text in your inbox says?
a message from nekonolan

11. Do you tend to make a relationship complicated?
best not to

12. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?

13. What was the last movie you caught?
the city of ember

14. What are you proud of?

15. What does the oldest message in your inbox says?

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?
antic cafe-aroma

17. Do you have any nicknames?
chewu, cherry...

18. What does your last received message say?
yumi-i don't think so lo...

21. Who gives you best advice?
no one

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?

23. Who did you talk on phone last night?

24. Is anyone bugging you right now?

25. What/Who was the last thing/person to make you laugh?
a vid from antic cafe

26. Do you wear toe socks?
only a few times before

27. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
mak cik... XD

28. Have you ever had your heart borken?

29. Who annoys you the most in person?

30. Do you have any crush on anyone?

31. Have you ever done cocaine?
yea i did... Lol of course not la...

32. What is the colour of your room?

33. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars?
depends.. Lol...

34. Do you believe in the saying of: talk is cheap?
never even heard of that phrase before..

35. Who was the last person to lie in your bed?
me, myself and i

36. Who was the last person to hug you?
yen peng

37. Did anyone see the last person you kissed?

38. Do you have a life?
breathing, seeing, hearing.. i guess its life

39. Have you ever thought someone died when they really didnt die?

40. What is the reason behind your profile song?
just some fav songs

41. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?
*keeps mouth shut*

42. Last time you smiled?
just did

43. Have you changed this year?
acording to someone else, yea

44. What are you listening right now?
265 days

45. Are you talking to someone when you're doing this?

46. Do you walk with your eyes opened or closed?
Open la

47. Is there a quote you live by?
live life to the max

48. Do you have someone you cannot have?

49. Have you ever played an instrument?
flute, gu zheng

50. What was the worst idea you've had in this week?
taking the interact badges.

51. What were you doing last night at 11pm?
sleeping dy

52. Are you happy with your love life right now?
single and loving it :)

53. What song best decribed your love life?

54. Does the person knows that you like him/her?
not intereste din anyone now

55. Who always make you laugh?

56. Do you speak other language other than english?

57. Favourite website(s)?

59. What are you doing tomorrow?
dying from the questions

60. Who do you think you are like?

61. Who will you choose to die with?
no one in mind

62. Where have you been today?
home, school, home

63. What game do you play often?
ps2 game

64. Who are you missing right now?

65. If you have to choose between friend and love, who will you choose?
friends :P

66. What are you doing right now?

67. Which primary school are you from?
Yuk Chai...

68. Name 3 colours that you like.
Black, blue, silver

69. What emoticon you like to show?
XD, :P, XP

70. What is your life to you?

71. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
try to solve it as fast as possible..

72. Who did you last chat on msn today?

73. Who do you admire most?
alot of ppl

74. Which month are you born in?

75. How are you feeling right now?

76. What's the time now?

77. What kind of person do you think the one who tagged you is?
a great friend

78. What colour did you use to dye hair?

79. Why are you doing this?
no idea, for fun

80. What do you do when you're moody?
emo mode on, keeps quite

81. At which age you wish to get married?
never thought of it

82. Who is more important to you?
My family...

83. If today is the last day of your life, what will you do?
finish off my 'things to do before leaving earth' list.. XD

84. Who is the person you trust the most?
no one..

85. Do you believe in seeing rainbow after a rain?
Ofcourse i do! I've seen it so many times...

86. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?
Score straight A's for SPM

87. What is your goal for this year?
get good marks for SPM

88. Do you believe in eternity love?

89. What feeling do you love most?

90. Do you really think its global warming now?
feel the heat here wei... melts everyone

91. What feeling do you hate most?

92. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
i try my best to

93.Do you believe in God?

94. Who cares for you most?

95. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
My family and a group of true-friends

96. What will you bring when you fight?
I dont fight

97. What have you done regretted doing in your whole life?
dragging people into cosplay and lolita

98. What would you feel if no one longer cares for you?
Sad...and heartbroken

99. What if your boyfriend/girlfriend two-timed you?
dumped and gone.

100. How do you feel now?
sleepy... nightzzZZ

Bitter or sweet friendship?

Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. -- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, 1923

Ever wonder if one day friendship just changes?
Ever wonder when any relationship can change from sweet to bitter in just seconds?
Ever wonder if one day the ones closes to you will be the one furthest away from you?
Ever wonder if friendship was not as you expected?

There are many who keeps their anger and sadness in them without telling a single soul. Some are too shy or scared to speak out the words in their hearts and keeps them away. This may be called cowardly but not many can pull this method out especially to their close friends.

There are many who are happy and fulfilled with the friendship they have with them and goes along with whatever they themselves agree with. They speak out what they like and always state what is to be done.

Friends are people who stick to you no matter what happens and this type of friends are not easy to be found. Many took others as their other soul, a friend in need but not many succeed to the end.

I took a friend as my other soul but little did i know what i've done throughout the years have been a pain and disappointment. Each change i made tattered our relationship little by little without me knowing anything. The hurt that i caused all this time was closed deep in the heart of my friend as we continued to be together. There never was a peak or whisper of the pain until one day when all was lost.

The pain, the hatred, and the truth all came out. Nothing ever strucked to my mind that all this has been kept or even thought of before. Things became a mess, ignorance shoved into my face, anger and sadness burned in both our hearts.

Things started lightening up when it came to conclusion that we needed to talk. After a long process of ignorence we had our confessions. I felt a sight of relief and happiness after we reunite but no matter how the relation has been tattered and there was some parts where we can never mend. 'Sometimes it is better to leave the glass alone then to try mending it and get hurt in the end.'

I hope that our relationship will stay strong again once more but a part of me has a bad feeling about it. One things for sure we both have learned a valuable lesson about each other and will do our best to prevent all from happening again.

What prices friendship?
Quiet giggles in a corner
Shared jokes
Laughter and Yeats over a samosa
Bust-ups and making up
Those were the days when anything went

Angry words soon forgotten

Insults that never stuck
Fights and arguments the norm
But the feelings remained the same

Time passed

People changed
With it, the nature of friendship

Words became barbs
Looks did kill
Patience and love, non-existant.
This isn’t friendship

This isn’t relationship
This is nothing.

And so,
here we are today,
asking what price friendship?