Monday, March 23, 2009

ACGC 2009

Man it was a really tiring 2 day event i should say~! You should ask the others how I was in school today. Me and Elaine looked like dead fishes lying on the tables. Haha anyway it was worth it since we had a great time and i got some great pics!

First day we got there really late (due to make up and preparations) which was no difference since first day was kind of boring and there was not much to do. Me, Yumi and Elaine waited for Lynn to come over before we headed off to Tropicana City Mall. We were all wearing punk and lolita and it was my first time wearing punk since i got the pants like, the day before? haha but it was nice. ^^ When we got there we met up with Chi Kent since he was there to see Lynn. hehe~
Me and Azreal.. Perasan 'bishi' guy XD

Yaoi wei! XD

We got bored so decided to head over to Kenny Rogers for breakfast/lunch. Many people from the event went there too and Yumi was spending her time cursing each and every Lolita wearer that passed by us since their Lolita was not the appropriate type and it always kills her to see any more 'Ita Loli'(lolita's wearing bad or wrong type of lolita)

After the meal we headed back to the event and i met with Stephenie's group of people again! I met them at the Sealonline event where we shared tables with them for the sales. Was so happy to see them and this time they were selling some pretty cute plushies!
Tah Dah~! So cute right? i forgot whats the name already but i remember is either from xxx holic or tsubasa chronicles. Sad thing is the owner is holding it so that means i had to say goodbye to it, sob~

Akiko and me

Some box face people? haha but cute~!

Beatbox in da house~!

The event

After awhile we got a bit bored so we decided to go around and have a drink.
Here's Nick and Jo

Yumi and Nick

Lynn went back long before we knew it so there wasn't much to do. We spend most of our time in the shop chatting instead so can't really talk much on the event. XD After reaching back home we took a bath, rest a little and continued with our costumes since we never did finished them in time. We decided to work outside at the living room and ended up sleeping in the living room too! Lucky for us we managed to finish everything except me since i gave up on covering my shoe.

Alright~! the next day was here and we got up early this time so that we can prepare earlier. (learned our lesson from day one aready) We got there and finished up the rest of our costume and went to find Sky and Akiko to inform the bad news. Lynn and Aliza was suppose to cosplay together with us but on the night before day 2 they smsed me saying that they are unable to attend due to parents unapproval. I was about to scream 'BLOODY F**K!' when i saw the message(excuse my bad language). Sky helped me out with my wig and it was great! Thanks sky!

Yumi as death the kid.

Everyone decided to switch weapons for a change haha... try guess who's weapons which?

The second day was waaay better or more like because there were waaay more cosplayers so there was waaay more hyper people around! haha~

There were a few who took our pictures since we were hiding away from the crowds (don't want death scythe to whack anyone in the head). Yumi went back home really early cuz she had to catch a flight to Melbourne to visit her brothers. (hope you had a safe trip Yumi~) Which left me, Elaine and Jo alone in the whole event. Our black star and tsubaki was busy preparing for the competition so we did not want to bother them and went up to the second floor to take some pictures instead. After meeting up with Nick and having a drink at the same shop again since it's price is reasonable and the workers didn't seem to be scared of us(and the weapon).

We strolled around a little and decided to run back down to the event. Deidara came just in time with his shinigami-sama form after a few more photo's from others.
Even shinigami-sama wants a chance with Maka's weapon
Everyone, cheese~!

The traditional SuperPokes Train! Made by:Beatbox, Dante & Reno! (anyone else i'm not too sure :P) Others are people who came to kacau only.

Don't know when it happened but all of a sudden there was so many lining up!

Here's a part of the soul eater group with a new found member, Dr. Stein~! Sadly Black Star and Tsubaki was nowhere to be seen :(

Last picture of Reno~! Nice ending picture. XD

We stayed till quite late and there were more pictures but i'm too lazy to upload all of them so if your really interested in looking at the pictures you can go to ... 0603/ACGC/

To all the cosplayers and people i met there~ Thanks for making this day so fun and i can't wait to see you all again in the next event or so~!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outing At Midvalley

Before i start please do not think i went crazy with my outfit or think i may need to be sent to a mental problem hospital (MPH) XD ok, i don't, really!

It was funny how i decided to go for this outing now that i think of it. XD It all started with the word games in CF forum, all the you are banned, count to a million and the 3-word games (i know, i was spamming there like crazy) I started playing for fun and ended up chatting with Azreal instead. It was funny how our conversations ended at each game and i tell you we spammed for a really long time. XD

Me and Yumi got there early but we didn't joined the others in karaoke since we were kinda broke and not really sure how to sing with the others (first time meeting them haha) so we decided to walk around and did a little shopping for our cosplay event coming up soon.

The others were suppose to come out at 2 to meet up with us for a movie but they ended up beeing late but luckily we managed to watch The City Of Ember. After meeting up with them they decided to go to the arcade for a quick play of games before the movie. After that Yumi was hungry so we stopped by the food court for her lunch, Chicken Rice~! XD As Yumi was buying her food beatbox decided to do some cam whoring
Me, Azreal and Yuancross (ignore my stupid cat ears, it was for fun)All of us leaving Yumi away XD
Yumi and Azreal
haha beatbox trying out my cat ears. so cute~! XD
After the movie we walked around and went to the art shop at The Gardens. There we got a couple of stuff and headed to Sasa at Midvalley (all the way back there again) cuz Deidara needed some eyeliner. After that deidara dragged us all to the arcade in jusco so that he can play the drum game thing haha.. While he played look at the jokers behind XD
Yumi on the other hand went crazy after seeing kuroshituji figurines and was trying her luck getting her fav one. It took her 3 figurines to get the one she was aiming for, Sebastian.
last pose together~! haha

After walking around abit more beatbox, deidara and yuan said bye and went back home leaving me, yumi and Azreal. We decided to wait at Dome for our parents to fetch us as me and Yumi took our so-called dinner there. She ordered scones as i got potato wedges for all of us.

It was a really fun day and i'm really happy to meet everyone there! ^^ can't wait to meet them again at ACGC and all the other events~!

ICC Concert 2009 & Cosplay event

Right on the Saturday after exams! How nice right? I remember it was a hectic time because it's on the 14/3/09 and i had a event on the next day at time square. It was like hell but was also fun at the same time. ^^

There was only one full rehearsal on Thursday right after school. Most of the backstage crew ended up late (plus me) due to lack of transport and time (it's so far away from school okay) but we were safe since the ICC president, Vijay is another late one too. XD
Aliza hanging on to dear life since it's her first time on the LRT without her mommy~! XDSay cheese guys, i mean girls~!

I ended up working with Wye Hong at the sound system corner and yup it really is a corner. The sound system is just right at the corner of the hall! haha~
The systems here are waaay cool~! XD

Later around 6-7 we finally finished and headed back home. Tired as hell we squeezed ourselves into the LRT and managed to return home safely.

Wye Hong, Satyan and Vishal. Wye Hong overstressed dy. XD

Right on the day of 15/3/09, a small amount of backstage crew stopped by my house early in the morning around 6. My dad and Aliza's mother offered to fetch us all there straight so thank god for us we did not have to take so many LRT's again. =]

We practiced till round 11. The concert started late (as expected) but luckily everything went on smoothly. The concert was a blast and the performances was great~!

I didn't get to take much pictures due to duty on the spot. After the concert my dad came over and fetched me back. I thought that was the end of the day but NO~! After a bath i was dragged out to 1U with my family for some shopping. I nearly fell asleep pushing the trolley in the supermarket. XD

The next day my dad fetched me straight to Time Square in the morning and i rushed to the dressing room at the LG floor where the event is to be held. After putting on make up, some last minute cutting and settles on the sales price i opened the booth outside. Was bored to death selling my drawings there and the stage performance was bad(meaning me). Was so happy to meet beatbox, ayase, kikyo, akiko, narukids and all the other people there. Glad to meet new people hehe. :)

Thanks to Rachael for volunteering to help me sell on that day, without you i would've been in a mess. And also thanks to Lin Hui and Hing Lu for helping us out with the Fashion show! It was really fun working with you guys~!

Sorry for such a short brief on this event but there wasn't really much to say and i don't have any pictures so if i do i'll upload them straight away. byez~!

Samadian Idol 2009

Here's another late post that was suppose to come up looong ago! XD This event is a yearly event that is always held by the Form 6 in my school. It is no other then, Samadian Idol~!

On the 6th Of March(6/3/09) this event was held at our school hall, dewan bakti. Due to my laziness and lack of energy to type out what happened in the whole event, pictures will replace (most of) my words. hehe~
Here is our MC's for the event

Our contestants

Our Judges (Amanda, the girl on the right is our ex samadian idol winner) =]

Fellow scouts volunteering as security :)

Bored Soundmasters XD

And dear audiences~
Let the show begin~!

There were a few breaks here and there as refreshments were sold behind the hall

Andrea waited patiently up on stage for everyone to finish their break when all of a sudden...

FlyFm came over for a visit~!

Some action hero game they were playing XD

So Andrea decided to come back down next to Pa-no.. XD (oh ya do check out their deivantart! really nice, my senpai's XD)
hehe found a couple smushing around behind~ XD
Here's Aliza and Lynn~ There were alot more pics and stuff but i'm too lazy to upload everything. If anyone is interested in getting the other pictures(i bet not) just inform me k? ^^

Here's a little something that happened after the event in the scouts den. *ahem* this shows that when you want to attend to something please remember to close the door Rachael~! XD