Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration

hmm, when was this suppose to be up? i donno... i've been delaying on my blog longer and longer as my college takes more and more of my life away. :P

my lovely Chinese new year trip, one of my holiday and relaxation time before my current grueling torturing hours XD

bro, mom and dad in hotel hallway
my usual procedure for chinese new year, returning to Kuching. Nothing much since i can't really remember and it wasn't a long trip this time too~

a few of my younger cousins and bro playing their wii..

cute little Janice with Joyce's tiara

one thing that beats celebrating chinese new year in Kuching then in Malaysia is the fireworks! there are always fireworks for the few days of chinese new year and the scenary is awesome~!This year the lion dance was surprisingly fast since i guess they were in a rush and it was raining~
headbanging lions lolx :P
my aunt and cousin~
my closest cousins.. since their around the same age as me :P
haha the newest member to the family~ i'm an aunt now.. again :P

apparently my mom loves him
the ole fish apparently is still around.. i'm surprise.. this thing is HUGE~!

haha random cat found on da streets XD
my mom, dad, grandma and uncle.
the lobby of the hotel we were staying in.. really empty looking

my family with my grandma~
well that kinda wraps up what i did in kuching i guess~ nothing special since i was mainly just hauled here and there to houses for chinese new year visiting XD

here's something else though.. when we got back home my dad found out that he left a can of jolly shandy in the freezer and forgot to take it out while we were on the trip. The can practically blew up and left us with bits of frozen shandy XD