Tuesday, September 29, 2009

48 more days to go

just 48 more days to go or as counted by Rachael XD and only less then 24 hours more to trails (the things i do before trials eh)

These 2 days i've locked myself up in the house, stopping myself from going to school as it seems meaningless to return from school with only memories of sleeping in class and drawings that i will start drawing during class. Found out that the idea of staying at home to study seems to work better then in school where i have no mood to do so except draw (somehow the school provides inspiration for drawing)

Even though there are times where i sneak off to the TV for astro or go on the net (like what i'm doing now ^w^) i still have that urge to stop all these for at least an hour and run to the room where i will do my revision. So after experimenting and testing, the conclusion to this experiment is that I will study better in the house then in school (one experiment i'll be more then happier to do again) but of course that doesn't mean i'll be locking myself up at home just to study for the rest of my life.

with all the tension piling in my brain i'm suprise i still have the mood to draw up plans and to-do lists after SPM (yea right, my whole brain IS filled with only those, go figure) maybe i will write it down one day in the blog when i really feel like, now is all about whacking the trials mood in here.

anyway i guess i had enough of complaining. Here's antic cafe's new album, BB Parallel Wrold~! one of their new song ichigo.

Friday, September 25, 2009

yay finally~!

aww man i miss my internet~! now i know what it feels like without it *cries* T^T and i don't wanna have the same feeling again. Now i must always update my dad to pay the bills or it's bye bye internet again for me XD

for the whole week i had no access to the internet. And to top things up it was the hols so it was really boring. One good thing is i manage to catch up with some work and studies but still it sure is hard without the net around. With my free time i managed to finish up 2 drawings so it wasn't so bad, i'm really starting to love photoshop even more~! XD

anyway here's the new drawing. Decided to make it bloody this time don't know why.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

photoshop cs4

yesterday i decided not to go to school since it's a friday and usually i don't even study much on fridays. (yea i know i'm naughty :P) after waking up and having breakfast, i spend my time studying a bit on maths and add maths till afternoon. With itchy hands and a knocked out brain i on the computer to do a bit of editing on my drawings haha.

After scanning my latest drawings i open my photoshop and my stupid photoshop cs2 just had to get some minor problems again! T^T

I got the same problem before last time and i had no way of using any tools at all even if i press them. I ended up having to borrow Yen Pengs thumbdrive to reload the whole thing again! Before i started to break the computer into 2 i decided to go onto youtube to watch some shows. (anything to stop me from breaking my fuse)

I had a look around some bass covers of some songs (again) and bumped into some speed drawing by some dude. One video leads to another and i ended up watching techniques using photoshop (go figure) I then decided to try my luck and find a cs4 somewhere. I ended up with trial modes on the net but i finally manage to find a perfect one right in the YOUTUBE!

Funny what you can find in youtube eh? i ended up playing with photoshop cs4 till the evening and i'm pretty happy with what i got ^^

This is fully drawn and coloured by hand.

Here's the original drawing first. just the outline XP
and here's the one that is done using photoshop cs4~! XD i'm so happy! *cries*

Ah i can't wait to try and colour another drawing. But before i do i better go study again~! *runs away* long live YOUTUBE! XD

oh ya anyone who's interested can go see my deviantart right here!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am freaking sad~! T^T

i wanna cry now~!!!!!! T^T

my favourite band as so said is going to temporary disband starting next year!!

Why must you guys do this to me when i'm about to face the stupid SPM?!?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I need~~

Me need me running machine to work again~! T^T need to lose weight~! I sure hope my mom's friend really does come and fix that stupid machine. I wanna lose of around 10kg for next years cosplay plans. Hopefully i can but it'll be freaking hard. It took me 8 months to cut down that much this year. Gotta work twice the exercise and eat less now. XD

I wanna learn bass~! I'm planning to go learn bass after the fricking SPM is over or if this crazyness of mine goes down then i will start next year as planned. Sure hope i can learn~! Dads approval check, moms one still on the way. When i can play bass first thing i'm gonna do is start learning Gazette and Antic Cafe's songs! XD

Ok i've crapped enough. XP here's my latest drawing. I changed the contrast and lighting so it looks way different then the original.