Monday, May 24, 2010

Ramdom College life~

Haha, been so long since i updated my blog dy. my blog is now eating dust as you can see so i'll be updating alot of random stuff XD

Well as most know i started new sem dy~!! ok if you don't then yes i started a new sem dy XD

The whole class is still together which makes me really happy (except for the gaytard tribe part) and our group is still together and communicating well with the fluffies tribe. XD

Many pics coming up and a few stuff here and there XD

Now we are learning bout the human anatomy instead, loads more faces to draw together with human figures now~!! scary shiatttt! me and grace~ new hairstyles for us XDRa and Emmanuel, look like some gay couple oni haha
Yesh that is me~! got jian leng, Ann nee and grace behind there hahaRa and emmanuel girl-seeing at the skating ring XDMel~ ^^Grace caught on cam~!! XDall of us together~ k jian leng went missing but yea, all of us XD oh ya~ i got a SLR from my dad, so happy~!!! love ya dad! had so much fun taking pics with it ^^

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Together forever?

I wonder if friends who are far apart for a long time can actually stay as friends forever?

Can friends really be with you no matter what?

are people around us that we call friends really our friends?

Is hatred considered as something you can find in friendships?

so many things are happening all of a sudden and i really hate myself for thinking this way.

"True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
- George Washington

Saturday, May 1, 2010

BBQ party at Laksh

It's almost 3 and i can still blog, cool~

donno why but feel like posting everything today, maybe cuz i've been posting alot of late posts these few days XD

Well today was really a short day i guess since i woke up really late like 12 something in the afternoon?

scratched my ass and lazed around till 2 and got ready for driving practice. Today i learned how to go uphill and downhill. Can tell you i'm really bad at 2 things, the stupid clutch where i always let go too fast or not know how to balance it with the petrol and going downhill.

i'm so scared right now that when i drive downhill i might just bang any car that's right infront of me XD

once i got back home i got ready and waited for Ra to come. After fetching me and Emmanuel, went over to sunway to get Yew Wah and Ann Nee. We kinda got lost on the way but we managed to find ourselves at her house later on and met Cardin, Ad and Victor.

The whole lot of them watching some corrupted show on Ra's Mac. Yew Wah looks like some freaking house mom here XDYew Wah's potato's XDAfter crashing Laksh's room XD we headed outside to start the BBQ~!

Ann Nee seems fascinated by the wind chime thingy XDVictor eating, say cheese dude~ XDHalfway Ad had to go back so Cardin and Victor offered to send her to the train station, and of all things these guys have to do when a car is about to start moving and just right in front of you.We kept eating and drinking, who knows how many cans of Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola i had already XD
As usual it was gossiping and bitching about the Gaytard Tribe in the class and the star of the day was the one and only DFA. Really we can never stop bitch talking bout that guy especially on his camwhoring pics in facebook XD

Our host of the day, Laksh~!
Grace, Ann Nee (dono pointing what) and LakshGrace, Emmanuel and Victor as we sat around and looked at Laksh's baby pics, aww~ XDTo the back we go to see laksh's doggy, so big man
By the time it was almost 11.30, Ann Nee had to return home as her dad was calling her so we left and went back.

Even so, there's still alot of BBQ lamb, chicken and sausage left. Lash told us we could come over tomorrow for a BBQ part 2 so that we can finish everything off. haha one more round~! XD

Random outing day

Well this was actually on friday but what the heck.

Early morning headed over to college like everyday when there is class but this time i headed there to settle some stuff and check on most importantly, the OTP. *thunder strikes*
Once i got into the main lobby, went straight to the SRA and grabbed the list of OTP and ran through the whole list of names
Glad to say, i didn't see my name there so i'm really glad i won't need to settle any OTP problems, whew.
After that i met up with Tara as we promised to hang out at Sunway for a try. At the same time, met up with a friend of hers Sasha (scold me if i'm wrong, really bad at names here) Emmanuel and Ra. Starting at first Ra and Emmanuel was suppose to come earlier and do figure homework together with me, end up those two came late and hanged out with us till 1 something.

We were suppose to hang out longer but Emmanuel promised Anthony we'll be at 1U when he reaches there with Badrissa so we had to leave earlier and headed to 1U.

(sorry Tara, i'll make up to you next time when we hang out again >.<)

Once we got to 1U, met up with Anthony, Badrissa and one of her friend and walked around for something to do. Wanted to watch movies, not everyone agreed so we wondered around like lost souls till we ended up splitting to two groups which was me, ra, Emmanuel and Anthony who walked around and had lunch at Daves Deli while Bad and her friend went A&W and around.

Was too bored so we got out and threw Emmanuel back to his house since he needed to go back. Met Anthony and Badrissa at Sri Hartamas (Anthony drove Badrissa) and Ra had his Sisha there again XD

By the time we wanted to leave it was already about 9 something, so Anthony fetched me back instead since his house was nearer to mine.

Funniest thing is when i got back home, so did my parents so they asked me where did i go. Told them my lovely long trip around the place and they told me i must have all the time in the world to actually go around these places for the whole day. I totally agree with them for that part XD