Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Replacement Class

Bringgg~! The bell of the last class rang. I scurried my way down the stairs and out the gates. As soon as i got into the taxi it was straight ahead to The Curve for my replacement class.

Surprisingly i was early being that my class is to start at 2.30 and my taxi came at 2.05 or so. After a full 45 minute of tiring hand swinging (and i really mean swinging, my teacher kept asking me to swing my hand harder into the air as i strum each note) i was out of the class and FREE to go around! I decided to go looking around for any materials or items i can use for class, cosplay, the booth etc. I didn't have the foggiest idea(and still don't) why i decided to go into the hardware shop downstairs opposite starbucks. I went there and was suppose to stuff my bags into a small lacker but due to the size of my bag the secruity guard just let me off and let me in. Suprisingly i manage to find the silver spray paint that i had in mind so took the cheapest one on the shelf. Mine cost RM9.50 while others were almost RM30 and almost the same size. I still wonder why such a big difference.

After that i decided to look around for the tailor i saw in ComicFiesta forum in The Curve. I found the place but had a fright of my life when i asked for the price of the jacket i planned to make. It is just a simple black and yellow jacket, basically guy style baggy jacket and it will cost me RM200! I quickly said i'll think about it and went out. That was really too expensive, even RM100 would have been agreable since i got the material already. Only need a pair of hands to put them together into a jacket.

I went to Borders and went through a few books. After that i went over to Watson and found the ACE tape i needed for the character i'm going to cosplay as. Found it at quite a high prize but it didn't really scare me that much anymore after hearing 200 in my ear. I got a call from Yumi(Li Lin) and chatted with her for almost an hour while sitting at the Klang Station having my lunch. Finally it was 5 so i decided to return home.

Hopefully i can find a cheaper tailor soon~! don't want to have it last minute when i have no choice but to face expensive ones instead. Can't wait for Friday to come when i can get my wig~! ^^

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ACGC 2009

Hi guys, i decided to put up a post regarding a event not far from my house. This is also for my friend, Fancis who will need the info just in case. ^^

Animation Comic Game Convention (ACGC)
Date: 21 - 22 March 2009 (SAT & SUN)
11AM - 9PM

Tropicana City Mall

Below here is the map of the event
Here is the map to Tropicana City Mall
Cosplay competition
Best Craftmanship
RM 150

Novice Class

Champion - RM 300 + Products
2nd Runner Up - RM 250 + Products
3rd Runner Up - RM 100 + Products


Champion - RM 500 + Products
2nd Runner Up - RM 250 + Products
3rd Runner up - RM 100 + Products

Journeyman Class

Champion - Nintendo Wii + Products
2nd Runner Up - RM 250 + Products
3rd Runner up - RM 150 + Productsn

More info please refer to:
1. ComicFiesta Forum (where i got my part of info)

This event is basically comics, games and cosplaying like many other events. There will be contests and many booths selling artworks and merchandise at this event. Hopefully you guys will be interested in coming for this event. Thankies~!

All bout Art

Today was like every other day, classes, friends, classroom, teachers. One thing that never changes is that i still have tones of things to do on my hands, props for cosplay, homework, valentines day sales, class deco, drawing oh did i remember to say homework?

After school i nearly forgot that i had to stay back for extra class due to my enthusiasm to take ART(enthusiasm so called). I quickly rushed to the art room and found out i wasn't the only one late. After Pn. Rositah explained to use what we are suppose to prepare which was a really big folio, i headed out for my van as fast as i could but i already expected it to leave me behind as i myself had called and informed mak cik that if she doesn't see me outside she can go. So without hesitation, i walked back home alone.

It wasn't a nice walk with all the dust and dirt flying into my nose but at least i managed to shake off some fat(i think) I always wanted to walk back home everyday since the distance is't really far but air pollution always gets the best of me.

Hey Fancis, a cosplay friend of mine just popped by and gave me a hi. Thanks girl, hope to cosplay with you soon too! :)

To Fancis, thanks for being my friend and i really hope we can meet again soon.... (at least before the event XD) remember you still owe us a day out shopping~! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ear to hear

*Hello... hello....* anyone hear me? of course you do but i can't hear myself clearly *sob* wanna know why? that is because i now have a weird infection in my ear which causes wax clogging and it covered my eardrum. Now i can hardly hear anything through my right ear and the pain is running from the inside of my ear all the way to the side of my jaw. T^T

It all started with a minor clog on last Friday morning. I thought it was due to water in my ears so i left it alone and went to school with ease. Saturday came with a slight pain in the ear but nevertheless problematic so i continued on to Sri Aman for the probationers seminar(which i will put up another post if i have the time). By the time Sunday came the pain was crawling it's way to my jaw and the clog was making me go half deaf! I swear it was unbearable!

My parents dragged me to the Assunta Hospital along with my brother who kept asking me if i was going deaf during the whole trip. There i was taken to a female indian doctor who asked me a few usual questions, what's the problem, have any infections before, bla bla bla... Then she took the device (not sure what's it called, not a medical learner here) and checked my ear. She said my left ear is as clean as a whistle but she can't even see my eardrum in my right ear. At the end she gave me some painkillers to relieve the pain and a date with the ENT doctor (wow lucky me -.-)

Thank goodness for me Monday was a holiday so i had all the time i want to crawl in my bed and shout BLOODY HELL! cuz the pain was really unbearable (excuse my foreign language). The pain killers the doctor gave me didn't do no pain killing for me and to make things worst the pain seemed to spread further to my jaw until i barely managed to chew my breakfast (which my father decided to prepare bacon that needs so much jaw muscle movement) When afternoon came my father couldn't bear my complains and screaming of the pain so he decided to bring me straight to Pantai Hospital instead since my 'date' with the doctor is on Tuesday afternoon.

When i got there we went to the emergency corner and another Indian lady came to check on me. After a really long look into my ear (never knew ears were so fascinating) she said it was merely a infection and decided to give me some antibiotic and some ear drops which will clear the passage in my ear. My mother was thanking the Lord that it wasn't mumps and my father told me that my previous doctor must've been either blind or too old for her age. The previous doctor started the disappearance of my eardrum problem which scared me and my mother!

Even so, i still have to continue my 'date' with the ENT doctor today since the blockage has been cleared but still need checking for the infection. Lucky for me the pain has reduce a fair bit to only the ear and my father's ear is not in pain for hearing ME cursing the pain all day long.

Just hope i can go to school tomorrow since i missed a day already. Won't want to leave Elaine alone in class and also I got plenty of news for Elaine, Lynn and Aliza regarding the ACGC event. XD

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Chinese 'Miao' Year?

haha you guys must be wondering y i put miao year up there. Well my Chinese New Year was celebrated in Sarawak, Kuching!

Well it was a early morning flight on Sunday( the day after Ryans Birthday) on Airasia, got there in one piece and headed straight to my grandmother's house. It really broke my heart to see how old my grandmother is and how bad her memory and eyesight has gone. She kept mistaking me as my mother and kept talking to me in Hakka which i don't really understand.

After that we moved on to Summerset Service Appartment. My mom got us a really nice place with separate rooms which means no more sleeping on the couch for me for this trip.
here's my bro

Parents room
the kitchen
The dining table. Ignore the papers on the table and my red jacket XD

it was a whole day of rest and dinner at my cousins house. Had sarawak laksa and man my aunty cooked hers WAYYY HOTTER then my mothers style. I was asking for water none stop but was served with wine instead. weird.

Here's my cousin, Janice. Cute right?My cousins and bro

Next morning we went straight to my grandmother's house to see the lion dance. All my relatives gathered at the big house as more friends and neighbours join in. It really suprises me the differences between KL and Kuching. In Kuching eveyone seems to know each other and always invite one another to their open house with no hesitation.

When the lion dance arrived my father kept asking why are the people all Iban and Malays and not Chinese. It was kinda weird seeing them perform lion dance with sports shoes on. My cousins all decided to be mischievous and pulled a bit of fur of the 2 lions as it is also known for good luck.

here's my family with my grandmother. I pity the 2 lions behind as they had to stay at the same position for every family there and my mother's side is no small amount of siblings.My brother with the big fish behind that was caught by my uncle not long ago. really bighere's the deco of the place i was staying at

this is my cousins and my mother together. Pretty ain't it?

For the last few days it was house after house non stop. My mother was so sure to meet everyone of her old schoolmates and there was a lot indeed. Me and my brother were almost bored to death but look at the bright side, we got our ang pau at the end of the day! :)

On the last day we played firecrackers and had a blast at my uncles house. the whole area was practically full of smoke but we didn't care. One good thing in Kuching is that almost every house will put on fireworks. yes i mean fireworks and they blast them everyday! You could just look outside and they'll be some blasting up in the air every few minutes. I wondered if the police ever catch them but my mother say they gave up catching people putting fireworks cuz there's just too many of them. XD

It was a night flight back and ya we landed safely which was lucky cuz the weather was really rough and the thunderstorm was big. I couldn't even leave my drink on the table without it spilling onto my pants. When i got back i found my worst fear came true..... I gain more weight during the trip. T^T