Friday, March 26, 2010

GACC 20-21.3.2010

Ok i know i'm really late for posting this up but hey, college really sucks the time out of ya.

Jack: shoo, shoo...!

So cute right~!! star of the event man! XD
We decided to finish up early and headed over to the hotel. After unpacking and relaxing for awhile, we went out for dinner and explored the areas around the hotel. We went to Jongker street and had our dinner there but before that we took a trip to the large ship here.
It was pretty cool and fun to play around on a large ship. After reaching back to the hotel we rest and head over to bed and spent our time chatting XD

Day 2, headed straight to the hall. This time they used the other hall which has air con so we were safe from drying up XD

Got in oni suddenly got ppl ask us to go stand at this green background and the funniest thing is all 3 of us are wearing different style. 1 punk, 1 lolita and another cosplay... it's like so random hahaha

Shinigami sama~! XDDurada~ i think lolxso cool~!yea high 5~! XDfor more pictures you can look here
Day 1
Day 2

Well the trip was pretty fun, sure can't wait for the next event again XD whee gotta go back to college work again~ T^T

Friday, March 19, 2010

Work off the ass

College can be a pain in the ass. Really, i mean it.

In college you have friends, you have fun but there's also the assignments that can bury you down to the middle of the earth.

For the past few days i've been buried down by loads of assignments and presentations. It's like there's not a day of peace and relaxation and non stop staying back just to do work.

We always end up hanging out at the student lounge since it's the best place to do work.

Ra and Ann Nee drawing
Cheryl Lew
Look like some teacher behind oni.. scary O.O
Enez, Emmanuel and Jien Leng

haha caught you on camera XD
Well for now the workload has now dropped and i have some time to do stuff. Sure hope that the next semester wont be like that

Thursday, March 4, 2010


me ish sleepy~~ =A=

now ish 11.16p.m and me work ish still not finish. Me ish so stressed right now but me can't stand blog eating dust so ish now updating random shit XD

*slaps face, wake up*

Ok, it's been few weeks already since i entered The One Academy and things have been really busy with all the work and drama. I don't know why but everyday there's bound to have some drama or something different going on which pretty much spices up life so i can say college is pretty cool. ^^

Currently my group of people that i hang out with consists of total 6 ppl including me. People would be
1) Ann Nee- hyper and funny girl that loves to bother raja, emmanuel, jien leng and everyone else she can lay her hands on. XD
2)Emmanuel- former classmate in samad and freaking emo dude.
3)Raja- group joker and noisiest in the group together with Ann Nee.
4)Jien Leng- late comer in our group and another emo dude like emmanuel and freaking hate him for his art >.<
5)Cheryl Lew- Not me but another Cheryl XD kinda blur blur girl la XD

Well there's been many things going on in class for the past few weeks but i can't remember all so nevermind. Today we have only English class so we decided to stay back after class to do design work thats due tomorrow. Me, Rara(raja) and Emmanuel are in class 1 while the others are class 2 so we decided to meet them later at the student lounge when they finish class.

After class ened we headed for lunch and went to the student lounge. No idea why but Rara suddenly say wanna go his grandma's house instead to do work so we all settle go there instead. We informed Ann Nee and the others and you can say we practically left them and just went off, evil us. XD

After settling some prob with Jake and Laksh, we headed over to his grandma's house to do the design work. For the whole freaking day from afternoon 3 or so to 7 something we practically did less then half the work we intended to finish =.= funny how we always end up like this everytime XD

With all the southpark, lazing around and playing with Rara's katana (and threatening to poke it up his ass for his good drawings we saw in his room) we only managed to do that much work. Damn we're good. XD

So after that Rara fetched us over to Asia Jaya. I ended up waiting for my dad instead since he was already on his way back and offered to fetch me back. In the car i practically fell fast asleep the whole way and i still wanna sleep =A=

I will try my best to update as much as i can. Will do so when i have the time. Like now i don't have time actually but i still do so, whatever. XP

*Don't worry pinkberry, me will update whenever i can XD