Sunday, September 19, 2010

Genting with friends

well this is like a continues of my penang trip since it fell right on the next day after the trip XD

had to get up early in the morning to head to KL Central where we all were suppose to meet up. Found the others at McDonalds and waited for the rest to come~

Victor playing with da cute doggy~ ^^
cheese grace~ ^^
Ann Nee:like where are the others already~ omg~~
Andrea: grace is coming with us? omg~
When everyone arrived we headed down to the bus stop for the bus~
our group pic before heading to the bus~

haha epic~ ^^
so gay~~~ XDD
Wee: sleeping while standing is a big no no victor...
victor: zzZZZ
it took awhile for the bus to come but we were entertaining ourselves fairly~ XD in the bus we were also the noisiest ones haha
We reached to the cable car stop and waited patiently for the cable cars. Some random uncle on the other hand wasn't very patient and practically pushed his way to the front to get into a cable car. We offered politely ppl behind us to fill up a few empty spaces in other cables cuz we wanted to take the nxt few cables to ourselves but NOooo~ he just had to push his way and cursed us saying kids nowadays donno how to look after time and shiats like that D<

during the whole cable car ride it was a mixture of cursing the old man, talking bird as usual and calming ann nee from her fear of heights XD

Wilson and Wee~
yumi and emmanuel~
victor and jian leng~
After reaching to genting, we found our way to our hotel and got ourselves comfy and settled in. Went down to lunch and explore at the same time~

this sort of time also wanna pose lolx~

haha random much~
woah liberty rocks~!!
figuring out where to eat~ :P

after lunch we headed back to the hotel and lazed around, nothing much we could do since we'll be going to the theme park only the next day and it was already pretty late for other plans~

oohooo caught~!
Kai, hanji and his girlfriend later arrived and we headed down to dinner.

after dinner we headed down to starbucks for the free wi-fi.. why? cuz we were scared like hell for our results and was really eager to know if we fail or pass..

together with emmanuel's com we headed down, squeezed together to face the com and went on the e-portal to check each others results. It was really scary and we were all scared but it was now or way later >.<

doesn't look scared though =.=hanji and his gf~

after all the drama of relief and despair it was my turn and suprisingly i got pretty good results~ managed to get all B- and B except for one C... stupid BM =A=

the only one who wasn't worried was yumi, haha so cool and calm~ :P
after all the relief we headed down to explore and look around. the place was pretty cool at night and the scenery was awesome~
haha you have ali here lighting up the coals for a round of sisha XD
we decided to stay away from the crowd and head down to the one world hotel far away from our side. Was nice and cooling to just gaze around and chat~
guess who~?
two stoners here XD
we headed back to the room and lazed around more. Yumi was the first to hit the sack with Kai as me, emmanuel and jian leng watched resident evil before heading to bed.

The next morning it was suppose to be a early rise and shine but as expected no one woke up early except yumi who even went down for a walk before waking me up. We had a not so healthy breakfast of maggi mee and tuna before heading down to the them park XD

we got there and the bright sun and fresh air was awesome~! the rides weren't ready yet so we toured around to see which one we should take later on.

loolx Jian leng and his lamo look~ =.=

and right behind is~
so cute right~? sadly i managed to take only one pic, was shooed away from the ppl after that >A<
Kai's reaction after hearing about the Solar shot XD
aww sweet smile~ ^^
first up we have wee running like he never did before~! sure is ann nee on the other side :P
then right behind there is wilson and hanji closely neck to neck~!!
and you have the sesat turtle being left behind! XDD
ali and david still half awake loolx~ XD
the first ride open was the merry go round so as childish we are, we took it XD

jian leng in merry go round also must act cool wan loolx~
turtle acting cute :P
kai worried of the Solar shot XD
emmanuel stoning~
yumi.... yumi... ah usual la~ :P
wee and ann nee clinging to one another~
loolx wee and his random shiat again XD
kai:solar shot, no no..!
by the time we got up to the solar shot which kai hates so much it was so misty and gloomy, pretty cool though XD
we dragged yumi and kai on for a couple of times and they were scared at first alright but it ws awesome at the end~!

we spend our day there and had an awesome time~ the mist wasn't even bothering as it made the rides more fun actually XD

at night we headed to the indoor park for a couple of rides. During the bumper car ride emmanuel lost his phone and it was disaster. We tracked down a group of students and the case was brought to the police station but nothing was found at the end. so in vein we had to forget about it cuz genting was just too big to search. ;(

emmanuel took it all in but we felt really bad for him, guess it's just tough luck.

the next day it was still a discussion on what time to return home. At the same time me, yumi, emmanuel and jian leng took the free breakfast tickets and headed down to the cafeteria for breakfast and also to grab food for the others :P

after stuffing ourselves and yumi's bag XD we went back to the room to pass the food to them. We all decided to leave at 4 instead so there were more time to do stuff XD

me, yumi, emmanuel and jian leng had no plans and no money for the theme park so we just walked around with ann nee tagging along since she didn't want to follow wee~

we decided to go and do some sticker photo's and boy were the pics awesome :P

after playing a couple of games we head back to the room to pack and get ready to check out.

Ann nee and wilson down at the reception~
ahaha look at yew wah's epic face XD
waiting as yi-vonne checks out for the whole gang
grace and ali~
woah accidental shot~ XD
down we went to the cable car area again and i don't know if it occurs on an everyday basis or we are just the unlucky ones but this time when we were queuing up there were a bunch of senior citizens way behind us from the start. =w=

We as usual wanted to book 2 cable cars for ourselves so we let this german family go first since the cable car had only 2 people. The senior citizens were so mad for god knows what reasons and started cursing at us, saying we were hogging the line and started pushing to the front. So there was like a little battle for the cable cars but of course we didn't do anything but just went on in the line and took our cable cars.

once inside there was the cursing and complaining once again which just rolled our arrival scene all over again~

after getting down we headed to the bus stop for the bus, got in and it was relaxation all the way~
yew wah, yi-vonne, andrea and grace~
victor sleeping again, loolx wilson~~

the non stop trips and events was tiring but it sure was fun~ sure hope we could all do this again soon~ ^^