Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy belated birthday Blackcatz~!

This Thursday was Blackcatz birthday, (happy belated birthday~!) so both of us together with Yumi decided to celebrate her birthday at a cafe call Full house which is located somewhere far. Subang i think? XD

Anyway i reached Yumi's house in the early morning so we hanged around for awhile till Blackcatz came over and we started putting our make up and dressing up. It was a long trip to the place but we were fine and when we got there once again there were many people staring at us.
In yumi's house XD
We decided to have lunch first before we start. One thing for sure the food kinda suck at Full house so don't go there ever! *runs away before they see this* Despite the food, the deco there is really nice thought. A really sweet Victorian style and they even have a corner where they sell clothing's and accessories. We decided to us the corner where they display all they're items for sell so that will explain any mannequins, price tags or any other weird stuff in our pictures XD.

Ok from here on is a story that we made up for fun with the pictures. Not the real thing ok? XD

Once there is a princess.

The princess bestfriend.
and the princess butler.
The butler is very faithful to the dear princess and always stay by her side no matter what happens. He loves her dearly and has vowed to stay by her side for eternity.
He helps her with her daily schedule and keeps the place in tip top condition.

The princess has a bestfriend who loves her dearly and always come over to play. They treated her as their own family and always invite her over for tea.
The girls always laugh and play everyday with no worries. Their laughter fills the room as the sun shines in brightly.

The princess love the butler dearly and always smile with glee whenever he presents any suprise for her.

On the other hand the bestfriend disliked the butler as he was more closer to the princess then her. Therefore she always show a sour face towards the butler whenever she could.Even so they can get on good terms sometimes :)

No matter who they are friends are still friends.
And real friends will be loyal and faitful to you in every way.
Who knows, One day YOU might have your sweet memories like us ^^~The End~

Well thats the end of the story. Now here's some back to reality pictures~! Remember we ain't always the sweet type! XD

*Note the people in the pictures down here are the same person as above.

After the pictures inside full house we decided to walk around outside and take some pictures for fun XD

Blackcatz and yumi outside at the stage

We camwhored at some abandoned cupboards that were suppose to be stalls i guess.

Yumi tying her shoes. Rocking shoes sure are troublesome. XDBlackcatz: Yumi what are you doing?
Yumi: What do you think i am doing? tying the stupid shoe la.

Blackcatz: Oh really? if i kick you wonder what will happen ler? XD
Yumi: don't even think about it!!!

Haha anyways heres our final picture together~ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BLACKCATZ~! love ya sis~! ^^

Monday, August 10, 2009

SMKSAS Interact Installation 2009

ok i'm late once again XD

I'm so happy i've officially stepped down from Interact~! but of course i feel kinda sad and all XD

here's the installation where we did it in our school hall. We as the outgoing interactors are going to step down so we didn't need to do any work whee~!

The hall~!

The installation started a little later then planned but everything when well. The install started with a loong speech from our dear headmistress. XD

The performances

Our dear ex president Karis~
More performances from Edmund, Khairul and Far
What is Aaron doing sitting on the floor next to the headmistress?
Our new members... so much more then our year XD

After it ended it was camwhoring time and yeap we took a fair bit of pictures XD

The outgoing interactors

outgoing and incoming B.O.D
Me and my successor
Me and Iis.. she's so cute right? aww

Kacau eje XD
Yay we have stepped down~!!!

i wrote very little this time since i don't really have much to say. All the best to the upcoming B.O.D and good luck in everything~! ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blood donation 2009

OK this one was really long ago and i could have posted it earlier but i lost my patience on waiting for the pictures to come.

On the 3.8.09 I, Cheryl Teh Ya Zhen for the very first time faced fear and attempted to DONATE BLOOD!

OK that was dramatic so yeah i decided to be a good citizen (Malaysia boleh! :P) and donated blood for the first time. Can't be a second or so since i only hit 17 this year XD

our school had the blood donation drive in the hall and when it was time for our class to go there was only me and Lin Hui. It was embarrassing for the guys cause majority was girls and most who passed out or went weak after donating blood was the guys too! Yea girls rule! XD

It was a long process from one to another. First there was a long form to be filled, followed by a 'date' with the doctor where they ask all sorts of question regarding my health and checked my weight (oops i gained, SHIT!) Then it was on to the blood test time~! The stupid needle thingy that they punctured into my finger was like WOWOWOW! i jumped from the sting and my arm actually felt kinda numb but after taking my blood and giving me a cotton to cover it felt better.

While sitting on the scry dentist-like chair i felt bored so i end up shouting/chatting with yen peng who was sitting on the opposite side of the hall. XD The needle was freaking huge as i saw them poke it into my skin and i actually find it fun to see my blood flow down to the bag. (yes i know i'm weird)

When i was finally able to move out of the chair they rushed us to take a cup of milo and some bread. I forgot the rules after getting up and ran over to my other friends and before i knew it i was pulled by a doctor and forced to sit down. I totally forgot that i must not run or do any excercise after donating because it might make me faint but i didn't feel any dizzyness or tiredness XD

After awhile later we went up back for class and really for the whole day i didn't feel a tad bit of tired. Looks like i got too much blood and should have given more XD

Outing at 1U

No matter how fast or long me, Yumi and Blackcatz meet each other we still end up missing each other. After the gruesome few weeks since Sun-U animangaki we decided to go out to 1U for fun! XD

Both of them came over to my house around 11 and we hang around till 12 something. After reaching there we decided to head to the cinema to check on the shows but we ended up going to the arcade instead since we didn't really feel like watching any shows.

Yumi and BlackCatz playing XD

After that we walked around, window shopping at a few stores and playing with anything we can see. XD we stopped at the old wing cinema and decided to play around with these

blackcatz: don't push me too~!

Yumi:Hey whats in there?

Yumi: No no i don't want that!
Cheryl: just take the damn ring!

haha anyway back to reality, we went for lunch at ajisan ramen and guess what we found out? Blackcatz actually hate GREEN TEA! XD
After the filling meal we headed to the sticker photo corner and took A LOT of pictures! I think we practically spent almost 50 per person there XD but it was fun and we spend a lot of time in there too xD

We headed down back to the new wing for some starbucks since blackcatz had a sudden urge for coffee and grabbed a drink before my parents come over to fetch us.

Me blur self. taken by yumi XD
Me and Yumi

Yumi and Blackcatz

My dad offered to fetch them back to blackcatz home so we hanged around a little more before heading back to my house to grab some of their things. As what Yumi had mentioned before Blackcatz house is really far and at a desserted part of town and boy she was right. After dropping them down me and my dad had a hard time finding our way back but gladly we managed to XD