Friday, August 20, 2010

Cosplay and holiday plans~

this year i really lag away from cosplay ady~ T^T so sad la cuz i had so many plans and had it all going well. Sadly college got the best of me and so many things came to a stop causing me to make changes T^T

but i still won't give up and i have planned for a few cosplay plans and hope that all will be done by it's due dates XD

firstly is something that i got dragged in by Yumi (ok fine not really dragged, but she got me into it in the first place ok) which is:

Anime: Dogs: bullet and carnage
Character: Badou Nails
Characteristic: a hardcore smoker who goes wild without any nicotine but can be really lame when in normal mode
Version: supposedly the long coat version but due to last minute i did the military version, now working on the long coat
no more plans are made since i rather work hard for the upcoming CF instead, so i settled to go to CF with this two characters whom i love so much~ XD

Anime: Kuroshitsuji
Character: Madame Red
Characteristic: playful and cheeky but inside she is deep and dark with hatred
Version: Will be doing the version shown below.

gotta try my best to lose alot of weight for her character (>.<) one of the very few female characters i'm actually interested in cosplayingand lastly will be a character that i never knew until just starting of the year and he's already one of my favs~! not many ppl know this manga though and i hardly see anyone cosplaying him before so hopefully it'll come out ok (>.<)

Manga: Blazerdrive
Character: Kuroki
Characteristics: talented and a genius at the battlefield, a cool type of person by looks but can be really lame at times. A real scaredy-cat for dogs thought XD
Version: the only version i've seen till now is this one so it's definatly this one XD

his weapon really is some hard stuff to make though, i think i made it abit too big actually _>.<)
well hopefully everything goes well and i will be able to get everything in time (>.<)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Foundation memoir~

It's been only months yet it felt like years since we started our foundation, now i've finally finished my second semester and it's time to head on to my major, that is if i don't fail :P

haiz it's been so long yet it feels so fast and now all of use have to go our seperate ways, it's really something we should've known from the beginning but it really is sad when the time comes T^T

i'll definatly never forget everyone in the class and all the times we've shared, good or bad. i sure hope that everyone will do the same too and will always keep in touch with one another.

below are just a bunch of pictures taken throughout the 2 sems, memories made by all~

throughout the foundation i've learned so many things.

To be more hardworking, to learn to stand up and face competitions, to let go of things, to move forward.

there's so many more and i know that everything i've learned will bring me further.

and also a quick reminder that friends can be friends but no one will stay by your side forever. One huge lesson i've learned during the end of the 2nd semester is that the closer your friends the more likely they are able to hurt you deeper then anyone else.

nows only the hols and i've just passed through the OTP level. Now my final wall will be the results day where i see if i get to advance to the next stage or it's restart for me (>.<)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Language celebration

oh ya i just remembered that we did celebrate our last day together with our lecturer May-Ann. Ok it wasn't really the last day but it was our last day of Language Communication and everyone is just sad to say bye to May-Ann, she's practically like everyone's fav lecturer~! ^^

i'm from E1 so there was no cake for us but there is the tradition of taking a class picture~ walah~!

haha everyone with their poses~! XD
a few of us decided to come over for E2 class since we had projects to do and of course we came for the one, the only~ CAKE~!! XDD

class E2 ppl~ lolx
After everyone's presentation it's time for the cake~!! i only managed to take a pic of one cuz by the time i ran for the other it was already cut and offered to others :(Laksh, class monitor slicing the cake~together we have our lecturer May-Ann~ ^^of course it is time to ATTACK~!!!
the cake was good and everyone really had fun~ even with such small stuff we sure can make alot of noise and fun out of it haha XD
mal: lookie~ no fingers~! XDand of course there is always the kacauing enez time! XDa group picture together with May-Ann~
It sure is fun everytime in her class, i sure do hope to see her teaching us again next sem even though i doubt it T^T

Thank you May-Ann for all your teachings and support~ we class CD1001-01 will forever remember you as one of our best lecturers! ^^

Monday, August 16, 2010

history project 2

I don't know why but i tend to love to post up my history project instead of my other projects for got knows why.. guess even though i hate the subject and the lecturer so much i still love the projects that are given i guess XD

this time our final project is to be a group project and the assignment is to make a costume base on 2 art movements either one we wish to mix.

there were 4 ppl from our class chosen to have the rights to choose their own group members. after their discussion they seperated us accordingly and i got into Wee's group. in total we had 9 ppl consisting of:

1. Wee
2. Ann Nee
3. Cheryl Lew
4. Emmanuel
5. Wilson
6. Wee Jun
7. Victor
8. Jean
9. and of course me~! XD

we took wee as the leader since he was chosen by the lecturer from start. I took over the photographer and secretary pose while ann nee took over the treasurer...

for around 1 month we discussed and went for alot of confrontation with the lecturer. it really wasn't easy getting what he wants though, he could be an asshole at times XD

as expected from Wee, he got us into work straight away without hesitation and we got our ideas running in no time. We had a few meetings and brought our ideas out.

Wee discussing with us the plans
end up these ppl go look FB, haiz..... XDthe one meeting i can never forget will be the one at the sunway hotel.

Yes we had a meeting at a hotel room.

Funny place to have a meeting but Wee had a free room for that one day so he decided to use it on the group for a meeting cuz it's more quite and discussions can be made all day long and we can go to class straight away the next day. At first there was SUPPOSE to be 3 girls including me.

When i got there i end up finding myself the only girl with 4 guys sharing one suite room, OMG!!

haiz found out that jean's parents didn't allow her and Ann Nee was sick so i was the only girl. one good thing though, i get to have the sofa bed all to myself while the guys had to figure out how to stuff themselves into one king size bed XD

well i got there late so the guys were practically having their fun playing around and had their part of discussions already. They gave me a short brief of their ideas and we tried to experiment on the ideas at the same time.
Wee trying to experiment on the idea we wanted XD

dinner at KFC~
we later on confronted Daniel only to have our ideas being not rejected but said as a very risky idea. So we did a few alterations and ended up with something else~

Our main character is about a assassin, unknown of gender, name, or age. Is a underground assassin working for the Illuminati but was later back stabbed by the organization. In order to take revenge and also to take over the organization the assassin does what the assassin does best which is to disguise and kill.

we later decided to use a play to act out the story and jean was our main character who will disguise herself many times.

the story is she will disguise and eliminate off one member at a time till the top where the king stands.

our work ended up like this:
Jean- main character/disguiser
Wee- malaysian army
Wilson-malaysian police
Ann Nee- Starbucks worker
Victor- Spain football player
Emmanuel- 2nd disguiser and backboard(not backstage) worker
Cheryl Lew-backboard worker
Me~!!- narrator and sounds system

practice after practice we perfected the play and added sound effects and songs. It was really fun and we had a great time XD

our first rehearsal at the manikin studio~
the king and his subcordinates Jean getting victory after getting to the end~Everyone suppose to be dead behind the board after being killed one by one by Jean but..... needs more practice i guess XDD
Our final practice on the day before the act, sure was hectic for me since i didn't sleep the night before due to stop motion project and my part of the play is not even close to done yet.

me almost half asleep on the floor while editing the music, damn tired wei~~ =w=

Wee: are you ok, you look tired.. (>.<)
me: hmm hmm almoshdonwitmuzicdyzzzZZZZ..... =.=
Emmanuel: what she's saying is, she's sleepy XD
Ann Nee:Cheryl~~ Wee dowanna give me piggy back ride~~!! T^T
me:huhohhmmm...zzZZZZ =.=
Ann Nee:Ooi!!! (>.<)
Yeah the scene was somewhat like that if i'm not mistaken XD

i continued editing while they practice and when we were finally over i was so relief~~

of course we just had to take some pictures before the play, hey their memories~ XD
victor blur~~ XDDJean and Ann Nee hahaha~ disguiser alright XDWee carrying Ann Nee, she got her piggyback at the end~ well not really piggyback XDVictor and Wee epic nerdah~!! XDGroup pictures for the road~no Cheryl Lew though cuz she left early
haha we sure had a great time alright~

sadly it was really late so when i took the bus back it was raining. at first i thought i could run away from it since the bus will stop right infront of my house but little did i know due to complains the uncle had no choice but to stop at sentosa, making me walk all the way back in the pouring rain.

By the time i got back i was already soaking wet and all items in my bag was drench.. quickly took a bath and warmth myself but i guess it was too late, i was feeling dizzy and tired which was a bad thing cuz i needed to settle more work and my speech.

got a message from Wee asking me if i was home and told him everything, he straight away told me to go to bed and he will settle everything so i edited the songs abit more and went straight to bed.

next day i felt fine except for a little fever so i just went to college as usual. By the time i got to to sunway though i was feeling giddy again and i had a feeling that my stomach was turned upside down. T^T

bumped into Jean on the way up to the drama studio for one last practice before heading to the hall and by the time i got to the top i couldn't even speak properly. Luckily i felt better later on and managed to pull myself together during practice.

I really wish i could put up the whole play here but sadly i forgot to get someone to record the whole thing so we didn't get it at all T^T but it's ok~ we did a great job and the whole play was a success~! <3

We were the first group and the tension was crazy but everything went as planned and even Daniel was having a blast watching our play XD after a few words from him we got through well and had our group pictures for daniel.

He went and mix and match our whole group for the fun of it and it really was funny to especially for wilson to have a bra on at the end XDD