Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost there

2 weeks of exams i have endured and today, today is my last day of exams~! wahaha~ wait i forgot about tomorrow's PJK exams. *emo at the corner*

Anyway i'm still happy since i've finished most of my exams and now i have time to finish up on other stuff like my projects and cosplay costume.

My next cosplay plan.
Bamboo blade
Blood Dupre

Hopefully everything goes well and there will be no problems with the wig again. (might be a risky delay with janicel again) for the bamboo blade cosplay. As for Blood Dupre it's still under construction and loads of parts still need to be done. Better go get a tailor quick for this one, haha.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Pinky

Today is a scorching day and to add things worst sejarah and science exam today was a real horror especially sejarah. But no matter how bad the day was there is till the bright side and today's one is Pinky's birthday. ^^

We waited patiently for the exams to end and rushed to the KFC near our school. We met up with a few more of Pinky and Chia Chi's friends and took our order while waiting for Yu Li and Wan Sin. They came later with the cake and passed the cake to the counter to help us keep. We later ate and waited for Malini to come. After eating the birthday celebration begans~! We started to sing loudly once the worker brought the cake and by the end of the song the whole KFC was singing along with us! haha.

I ended up walking back home since i missed mak cik but it was worth it to have a chance to celebrate with Pinky and the the others. Happy birthday Pinky~! May all your wishes come true and all the best~! ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

C2AGE-A fun day it was

Yay the day finally came~! I woke up early to finish my top hat and was so proud with the finishing product even thought it does look disordered and weird but who cares? i managed to make it on one piece and i'm happy~! XD

Yumi and Black Catz came over a bit later then the given time but all was good. We took our time to get ready and had our make up on. My mom fetched us to the HELP college which was pretty late from time. Straight away we met up with Wen, Taka and the others near the registration counter and grabbed our tickets. Not long later we saw Beatbox and look what he's doing to our poor angel. XD
We had a look around and hang out for awhile with the others until an eyesore came passing by. Me , yumi and black catz straight away changed expression once that girl came to the hall. She was the one who made a dream for Yumi and me in the starting and we ended up believing her every word. Little did we know that that girl lyed to us and was having all the fun seeing us beeing tricked. We never forgived her as she has used us all and wounded yumi badly as yumi has treated her as her own sister before. Well enough about her, don't want this happy event to get messed up thanks to her. XP

There was a singing competition and cosplay competition but we did not manage to watch everything cuz we forgot about it and went for lunch instead. We had pizza hut and the workers and customers were giving us the weird stares as usual.
Black Catz took a pic of me before i even got a chance to pose~ XD

Black Catz~ cute right?
Yumi~ Playing with knives
Me with a spoon?

After eating we headed back to the event and was just in time for Hikaru's show. We continue watching finish the competition, happy not to see her again.Sadly She just had to be in the chess competition to spoil the picture for us. (no she's not in this picture, i would die to have her picture here)We ignored the fact she was there and had our blast with the others. There was this guy who kept taking our pictures and we were laughing our head as we had to stay still for a long time.
After the competition there wasn't much left to do so we started snapping photo's around. Just a few since i lost my camera and the only one we have is Yumi's phone.
Beat suddenly grew hair~! XDGomenasai~! XD

HahaThe last picture of all cosplayers together~! Has to pose for so long wei! XD

Ok the next few pictures are all cam whoring or their just not suitable for young eyes. Please bear with us. XD

Yumi x blackcatz

Me x Yumi

Yumi x Hikaru

Me x Blackcatz

Now The guys~! Even more extreme! XD

Taka x Wen

Looks like Taka is caught by 2 more.

Taka has decided to dump Wen for another... sad Wen~ XD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cutting Class

Thanks to Chinese exams today i get to skip school for the whole day, Yay~! I woke up the usual time to wait for Rachael to come over and pass me her phone charger and to pass her Devinya's thumb drive but that girl didn't show up so i guess she thought of coming over after school instead.

I went back to sleep after my parents went to work and got up around 10. Had breakfast ready on the table and went straight to the computer to finish some work. Continued with my story that i'm currently writing based on me, Yumi, Elaine and our other lolita sister Black Catz (she's selling stuff so go check it out here).

After awhile of typing and surfing the net i decided to start with some studying(yea right). I took out my sejarah book and started staring at the book and after some time i swear i felt the book staring at me instead. XD I gave up studying and decided to sms Rachael since that girl was suppose to pass me the charger. She replied saying she was still in school so i had to wait for her to return home. Not long later Karis smsed over saying that she wants to come to copy her contacts to her sim card since it has been a trouble for the last day. After replying i decided to do what i have been planing to do for a long time but was too lazy to.

I started making the top hat for my future cosplay event. Yes i know CF 09 is really long way to go (somewhere in December) but i rather finish it now cuz later on SPM trials and all the exams will be up and on going so i fear for the rush to finish everything after all the exams. And my plans for CF isn't easy since the character isn't that famous so i don't have much pictures for reference like the clothing's and the hair. Luckily there's always a clear picture of the top hat so i'm starting on that one first. The shoes and others will just have to wait.

When Karis came over i went outside to the guardhouse to pass her the phone. We took some time to figure out how to copy all the numbers into her sim card when we finally decided to switch phones and i took her old nokia phone instead. It wasn't too bad since it's way better then no phone. XD

I quickly send a message to Rachael to forget about bringing the charger since i don't need it anymore. Now I'm getting ready for tomorrow's event C2AGE, the one i mentioned in my earlier post. Hopefully everything goes well and those 2 (yumi and blackcatz) will be able to come over as early as possible.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm melting~! the whether is so hot these few days and today was really steaming. I was fanning myself the whole day with 42 students in the class and a teacher to add the heat, we were practically cooked in the class for the whole morning. Lucky for us some of our classes were free since the teachers were absent so we had our rest and break.

When i got back home i straight away cooled myself down with a gulp of cold water. Karis came over to wait for Rachael to return from school so i decided to switch on the air-con. All hail the air-con~! Really it was heaven when the whole living room was cold and cozy.

Now i need to finish my work and cram my head with Seni notes for Thursday's exam. Hopefully i'll still have time to start working on my future cosplay costumes and props. Time is really precious indeed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachael~!

As easy as said today's Rachael's birthday so we had a surprise party for her. After the interact B.O.D interview which ended about 6.30, me and Karis waited for Wai Chun to come over to fetch us all back home. Once back i straight away went to bath and went out to the poolside with Karis and the others to wait for Rachael.

When Rachael's mother send us the signal (sms), we went to our perspective hiding places and waited for her to appear. Yu Hong sat at the table so we took a cap and my 2 wigs out to disguise him. It was funny since at the end Shok Chang and Chong Giap wore the 2 wigs instead and was having fun playing around with it. The even more funnier part was we were waiting for Rachael and her mom to come from one entrance and little did we know when we were having our butts sticking out since we were hiding behind a bush, Rachael and her mom came from a different entrance and caught us by surprise instead. XD

Oh well it was worth a good laugh. We sat down and had our dinner together and had a great time. There are loads of pictures but it's all with Rachael so i'll wait for it. When i get them i'll post them up straight away. There's pictures of Wai Chun and Chong Giap wearing the wigs~! XD


What am i doing?Yu hong with my wig

Chong Giap with the wigShok Chang with the wig

Wai Choon with the wig net
me trying to fit the wig into his head haha
Looks like it's pretty suitable for him haha
Other then that i guess there's nothing much to say. Happy birthday to you Rachael~! May your wishes come true. ^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm here to post about the upcoming cosplay event that will be held. Reason i'm posting:
1)too bored(even thought there's homework waiting for me)
2)helping the event get ppl (yea right, there's not many reading my blog anyway)
Anyway whatever the reason is i'll just post it up for the fun of it... XD


Poster done by Ben
Date - 16th May 2009
Time - 10.30am to 6.00pm
Venue - Help University College

There's very little info in the ComicFiesta Forum but if you guys wanna know more there's a web here.
Below is the map to the place if you guys don't know where to head. XD

This a event held by the college ppl themselves so it's not a huge event but i do hope it will be great fun since so many people is going. hope to see you there~! ^^