Sunday, November 27, 2011

Screw this shit!

 hahaha this blog is like so dead, seriously.... i need to pour some time into this before it dies man~

Well i'm currently having me sem break so yeah, this is my time to update myself and inform the world what i have gone through~ and man this sem is tough! >.<

i have less class now which is good but the bad thing is the expectations for our quality is higher now and we have to work more on the assignments, crazy time limits and yeah, sleepless nights again~ XD

Here's my hardwork for CA2 which we were to make a story and create a hero, 2 villains and 2 environment for it~ it was pretty fun as it was all digital painting and less mind boggling work~

i chose Alice in Wonderland for mine and decided to mix it with steampunk (i know i'm a steampunk freak) and made Alice a grown up version, the first villian the rabbit and the final villain the red queen~

Alice steampunked version, grown up and badass XD
Former white rabbit, killed and revived by the red queen in order to control and make us to conquer Wonderland

The red queen, ruler of Wonderland by force and cold hearted to all her underlings

The rabbit's lair, also where the heart of Wonderland is kept and guarded by the former white rabbit

The queen's castle, home of the queen and rule over all of Wonderland

 Well that was my CA. I should say it is my most proud work amongst all the other assignments and i was pretty happy with the outcome :)

Next in line would be my VST 2 assignment, this is a short video work where we as a group will need to work together to film a short film. This one was the most time consuming work as we had alot of areas and places to go for the shoot and the weather wasn't really on our side either. But the show must go on and we managed to finish everything in time luckily XD

The branch

no youtube link for this cuz it was too long XD but that is our second work, here's our first one which is semi animatix so it's short enough :)

well thats our VST for 2 sems, to tell the truth i rather like the first one we did as the story was more stronger but ah well, it's all practice and i still think we did pretty good on both :P

Onwards now to my modelling project~! yesh once again i did steampunk, no i'm not a maniac i just love steampunk and somehow i get stuck with them for assignments ok.

My group decided on steampunk and we were required to do robots, it was pretty fun but didn't had much time to work on it so was kinda last minute work there >.<

here's the demoreel.

Well thats all for my assigment work~ won't be posting my animation one cuz i didn't upload it on anywhere and i don't think it's that nice to be uploaded so yeah, hehe dowanna embarrass myself with sad case work :P

now that my sem break is here, i dive down straight to my list of things to settle during sem break and yes, i have alot to do XD

one of it is definatly my cosplay stuff and this year i have alot that i D.I.Y since both my characters costume is unable to be found online. Sad, i know. And i just had to choose two hard ass costumes to make so yeah, screwing myself upside down hehe~

Well since it's near CF already don't see the harm of revealing what i'll be cosplaying so here it is~! or at least the progress of it XD

my two plans for CF and hopefully can successfully finish it time will be:

Ishida from Samurai warriors 3

Vivaldi from heart no kuni no alice

Here's my progress~ so little, better hurry up :P
the fan~ well it's done now but yeah, sucky like shit XD

And here's my brothers weapon~ he'll be joining us this year for his first cosplay~! XDD 
Oblivion from sora final form, ignore my ugleh face XD

well thats my updates for today~ hopefully i'll remember to update once in awhile now, or at least before the next sem starts XD

Thursday, September 22, 2011

REVIVE!!!! for now :P (Sun-U animangaki)

 Aah my blog~ how long have i ignored you and left you to rot in this cold, cold world............... I'M SORREH~!!!!! TAT

Well i thought i'll start spamming now while i have some time with sun-U animangaki 2011~!

in order to follow the tradition, or rather me and yumi's we went for another round of bloody OC again~ XD this time we decided to try out Hansel and Gretal bloody version so yeah, we chibified ourselves :P

On the second day then yumi was unable to attend so i went as kuroki onces again since it's the only piece i could do easily since everythings with me already :P

Here's some pictures to cover what we've done XD

being retarded. thats what we do

Beat, misaki and me~ yo~!

Chikorita's for lunch, best! >D

er... 5 year olds :P

my gretal disappeared, again

My last time doing kuroki i guess, lazy to fix the sword dy

random one again.. the hell is gretal?

aaah~ trolling on stage.. sad case ppl we are =w=

our best pic~ finally gretal~ there you are!
One of our best pics

Well throughout the whole two days i've met a few new friends, got a new cosplay plan and had a pretty good time XD will be posting more shitz soon! hopefully XD

Friday, March 25, 2011

TOA zombie

don't know why i wanna update my blog now but i guess it's a good thing.. this blog is dying already thanks to the lack of attention i'm giving.

College life now sure is crazy. After getting into my majors it's been up and about all day long with just work in our minds. It really is no doubt scary on whether i can actually pass this semester.


*comes back from sleep* sorry was too tired, decided to nap then only continue this, sorry for the long wait (as if you guys will know anyway, idiot *knocks head*)

anyway, even for this sem i hardly took any class pics already, cuz my digital cam went missing thanks to a friend of mine last 2 sems and it is rather heavy to carry a DSLR wherever i go. But of course there are the rare occasions here and there XD

Jian Leng reading a book in SunwayMal, say cheese~ XD
anneh and her pouty face XD
misaki chan, props and maya sensei~ lolx random guys behind

Can't say much cuz all i've been doing is college assignments so why don't we go to that then~! XD surprisingly this sem there's many work that consists of using the com and scanning so i (lazy bum who doesn't scan or take pics of work unless needed) can post up some of my work throughout the sem~ ^^

first is stuff from photography class. Their pretty basic since it follows our lecturer (awesome mr. David) criteria so don't expect awesome stuff ya XD All were chosen by him after going through other pics and stuff.

These are the first subject: Light and Shadow

the bicycle outside my house... lighting came in from the top.

the overhead bridge in Sunway, awesome timing for the sunset to give this type of lighting XD

next subject was reflection. This one took me a little bit more time since i wasn't getting it really right.

A tissue box in a restaurant. Apparently the table was shiny enough XD
my brother at Tropicana city mall. Was a shot before i even know the criteria of the subject. Was trying out when i knew the next topic was reflection.
the next topic was : Colors

A shot from the Malacca trip, tried to get a better shot but the shop keeper came out so had to stop.

Yumi was my model this time at the restaurant and pub that my family love to go. he was pretty happy with this so he took both of what i gave him :)

Next is pics from a Malacca trip that we went on during exploration week. It was tiring yet one of our best times in sem since we finally could get out and walk around together for the whole day.

subject: Jonker street.

A random man sketching away

A trishor ( donno how to spell it) speeding down the road! haha just kidding, was trying out the panning effects XD
da holes of da windows in Jonker street XD
Subject: Free

turtle and the others on our way to another spotthe window in the temple on our first stop
Subject: Design

A lantern in the temple
Bowls in Jonker street
Next on was the subject: Lines and curves

The carpet in Pavillion

The stairs in Pavillion
Well thats currently for my photography projects. There's more but i haven't went to take yet so will need to wait then XD

now we move on to the more mind f**king projects that sucked my soul away, literally.

My project for DFA design. First project and it was hell since i chose steampunk which was mainly screws, gears and pipes. Hell it was scary but it was fun and i loved the outcome. Apparently i ain't learning my lesson and i'm doing the second project with the steampunk theme again. I'm dead.

Cryosphere, a steampunked snow mobile used to transfer goods and medicine from town to town during snowy seasons.

Next is my Maya project, this is still ongoing since we now have to rig and make it move but this was hell to make too =A=

battle tank~! lolx

Well thats all i guess, will update again (hopefully) soon. Now we have made a new discovery, we found the future us on facebook and apparently this is what we will look like in the future XD

haha well i sure hope not but there are chances a few of the syndrome may happen. XD

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration

hmm, when was this suppose to be up? i donno... i've been delaying on my blog longer and longer as my college takes more and more of my life away. :P

my lovely Chinese new year trip, one of my holiday and relaxation time before my current grueling torturing hours XD

bro, mom and dad in hotel hallway
my usual procedure for chinese new year, returning to Kuching. Nothing much since i can't really remember and it wasn't a long trip this time too~

a few of my younger cousins and bro playing their wii..

cute little Janice with Joyce's tiara

one thing that beats celebrating chinese new year in Kuching then in Malaysia is the fireworks! there are always fireworks for the few days of chinese new year and the scenary is awesome~!This year the lion dance was surprisingly fast since i guess they were in a rush and it was raining~
headbanging lions lolx :P
my aunt and cousin~
my closest cousins.. since their around the same age as me :P
haha the newest member to the family~ i'm an aunt now.. again :P

apparently my mom loves him
the ole fish apparently is still around.. i'm surprise.. this thing is HUGE~!

haha random cat found on da streets XD
my mom, dad, grandma and uncle.
the lobby of the hotel we were staying in.. really empty looking

my family with my grandma~
well that kinda wraps up what i did in kuching i guess~ nothing special since i was mainly just hauled here and there to houses for chinese new year visiting XD

here's something else though.. when we got back home my dad found out that he left a can of jolly shandy in the freezer and forgot to take it out while we were on the trip. The can practically blew up and left us with bits of frozen shandy XD