Monday, July 19, 2010

Cosfest- continue

alrighty, so continue from previous post i shall skip all the way to the cosplay parade. :P

It was the last activity and we were determine to join since we actually entered our names already so no harm done~ XD got into the line and onwards we went!

we walked down to the shopping mall not far from the event and yeap we got alot of stares alright but it was really fun XD sadly it was really short T^T

say cheese ppl~!

up the stairs we go~jamie and the others
our stop and mini stage for all XD

of course all good things had to come to an end but hey, we still have the next day~ and of course we were tired like hell so up and back to the room we went XD

jean posing one last time before changing, fan girl at the corner with random ghost at the back XD
after changing and bathing, we went down for dinner. I had some chicken ramen thing (totally forgot dy) and i can tell you together with the free ice-cream and drinks, it was really filling. even the meal itself was already filling enough XD
Blade full full after meal XD
Jean eating, her hair so flat dy~!! hahahame and yumi~
After dinner we were on our way back to the room when we saw this!
i know it's just a bunch of ppl in McD's so what? don't be fooled ppl~! you see there is a football match going on on the one and only tv screen in McD's and everyone, i mean EVERYONE was squashing themselves in McD's just to watch~

instead of heading to bed we decided to grab a couple of drinks and head ourselves to haru's room to hang out. after a long time we finally got our asses up and head back to our room~ yumi and jean were the first to hit the sack while i helped blade with her costume XD

next morning it was up early to so that we can prepare and pack up too. I decided not to cosplay since i rather take pictures and it was really hard to take pictures while cosplaying so i went with a more casual style instead, yumi did an OC while Jean did Haine again in different version.

random pose before heading out~
after getting ready we left our bags at haru's and checked out. got down to the event only did i remember, i forgot to actually take a picture of the hall =w=
me and yumi headed in and went doujin art shopping before meeting up with Jamie and the others for a late breakfast/early lunch at KFC.

everyone together~
after eating it's back to the hall once again~! and more picture taking for me huhuhu =w=

jamie and winnie~ jamie looks so different from the previous day right? XD
ranmou clinging to another guy~!?
whoops looks like someones gonna get hurt!
runs back before danger happens! OoO

there were of course performances and there was the famouse Fanky with his gatsby~! XD
kaito~! *drools*
didn't take much stage shots cuz too far away and too crowded >.< so decided to take this instead~! so cute right~~ hehehe
after running around and around like crazy taking loads of pictures, we had to rush to catch the bus so we ran up to haru's room and grabbed our bags, of course we could not resist the temptation of taking a few SS pics before leaving, duh~
woah jean look so cool~! XD
haha even after grabbing the bags, i still ran back to the event to take a few more pics, come on who could resist?
domo~!!! so cute~!!! >w<

and lucky for yumi, she managed to find her fav before leaving so of course it's a picture for the memories~

god i finally managed to find abit of time to post this up! that was really long indeed >.<

oh well, thats all i should say, time to continue my work again! XD

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cosfest Part 1

I know i know, it's really late for me to actually post this only now but what to do? i got alot of work as usual T^T

Last weekend was one of the best cosplay experience for me~! i really have to admit i had alot of fun even though there were a lot of planning and problems to settle. XD

Friday morning i headed to The Mines for the bus, skipping of a class of typography and letterform at the same time XD got there early and waited for yumi and Jean to arrive. My parents were quite worried as this is my first time going on a trip alone with friends but they felt it was an experience i need to try anyway ^^

Once they arrive we got on the bus and OFF WE GO~!!!!

The bus was really comfy and we had fun chatting and watching movies~ snap shots alert! XD

Yumi and Jean sleeping XD
After the long trip together with 2 MRT drops and a bus we finally got to the chalet we are gonna stay at. We waited for Jean's friend, Jamie to get us and we headed up to the room.

Once we got in we settled our stuff and started working on our last minute props and preparations.

Our chalet~

Jamie styling her wig~
Yumi and Jeans weapon
Jean trying her wig while me looking like a dumbfuck who never seen a wig before XDYumi selling satay! XDDAfter all the work we headed down to the shopping areas for dinner and went to sleep for the next day

So the next day we got up and got ready for the event, was soooo excited to see everything and was really nervous at the same time >.< style="text-align: center;">Mai shiranui BJD, woah big boobies~ >D

We bumped into our fav jack sparrow and of course yumi just HAD to take a picture with him XDWonder guys~ i mean girls~Cosplayers from Korea~So cute right~ XDYumi poserJean also damn geng at posing ler XDoutside the hall~We wondered around and had a small photoshoot before heading to lunch.

Everyone playing with my eyepatch and cigarette~ XD
Wahaha guns ish fun! XD
After lunch we went back to the hall and wondered around again drooling at cosplayers XD
Yumi was drooling mega time at the event thought. She managed to find her idol of cosplay and boy was she happy XD
Cvy and yumi
We played around and had alot more pictures but i'm too lazy to post everything so i'll just give you the link to go see yourself ok? XD

Day 1 pictures here~

Here are some pictures that you don't see in the FB album cuz.... cuz.... i really donno why but oh well, here's out photoshoot ^^
...... it's almost time
*sneak glares* *clicks* gun, readyHehe no haine in sight, nows my chance! wait for it...Haine: gotcha!
Badou: Whoa~ shiatt!!haha ok that was lame XD

yumi solo shoot~ XD

Eva and Haine, interesting combination huhu
If Badou and Eva?
nah... won't work -.-

BL scene! sadly my orange wig makes me look like a girl oni T^T(yes i know my cigarette is held wrongly, i didn't notice it till now actually XD)
There will be definatly a day 2 but yes i am tired now and also lazy so it'll take some time kays?