Friday, April 30, 2010

Stay over and Happy birthday dad~!

On 27.4.10 me, Emmanuel and Ra was suppose to go for a sleep over at Yi Wen's house but at the last minute Yi Wen's dad somehow did not allow us to stay so we had to change our plans.

Worst thing was, Emmanuel was homeless for the night as he already informed his parents that he will be staying over at a friends house so after loads of discussion, Emmanuel and Ra ended up staying at MY house, funny isn't it how things work out at the end XD

Instead of heading to Yi Wen's house, we met up at Midvalley instead. Ended up watching the Losers and had a great time with Yi Wen and Mei Kay ^^

A group Pic after dinner at the food court XDRaja and EmmanuelMei Kay and Yi Wen
After the movies which was about 11 something, we headed off to Sri Hartamas since Ra had the urge to get some shisha. Sadly Mei Kay couldn't tag along as she went back early as her mom was calling her, sad sad T^T

At Sri Hartamas, Ra had his Shisha and we just hanged out. Out of no where suddenly we saw this epic moment of this two cats in a weird position. First thing Yi Wen did, took a photo. XD
After sending Yi Wen home and stopping at a few stops for toilet, (Ra was having a tight pipe that day for god knows what reason XD) we headed back to my house. By the time we reached it was about like 1 something in to morning?

Ra was bushed at first in the car, sleepy like hell but when we were in the living room, first thing that came out was DJ HERO. i was like, i thought you were sleepy? asshole says he's only sleepy when driving -.-''

All three of us ended up playing DJ Hero, going on9 and playing ps2 like mad till round 5 something. By the time we settle down to sleep, it was almost time for my parents to actually wake up lolx~ XD

Next morning woke up around 10 something suprisingly, had breakfast while continuing our battle of guitar hero all morning and watching stupid videos on youtube till round 4. Headed out for lunch at Jaya 1 at Wendy's where we chatted and hanged out for awhile till round 6.

After a rest, me and my family headed out for dinner as it was my dad's birthday and we had seafood, yum! ^^ got my stomach full and my daddy a year older hehehe XD

oh ya, here's one of the vids we've been watching the whole morning, lame aint' we XD

haha you guys should really watch all of his video's, their really hilarious but stupid at the same time XD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holidays de bom

With one week of hols gone i still have 2 more weeks to go~! Love the free time i have man~! \(^.^)/

with the free time i sure hope i can clear up my list of things that i hope to clear like for example driving license. Surprisingly i don't find driving interesting already, starting to find it troublesome actually XD By the looks of it when i get my driving license i will not drive unless needed XD

i managed to get my pile of comics cleared up nicely but i still have the rest of the room to settle thought, will look to it later on XP

The one thing i love bout the free time now is i finally get to practice my bass more already, so happy, kyaaa~!!! *hugs bass*

Here's something i drew while i was bored one night, kanon~!! yay~~~ XD
Figure studies really did help me out on this one, glad it didn't turn out retarded like my previous works in class XD

sure can't wait for 2nd Semester to start~ wanna learn new stuff now XD

Saturday, April 17, 2010

CD1001-01 first sem

Whee sem break is finally here~!! For the first time i really appreciate a holiday like this man!

Even so the whole semester was still a great experience and i had alot of fun too~ ^^ i sure hope that the next sem will be just as good as the first haha

Throughout the whole semester i actually have alot of pictures and stuff that i wanted to write about but once again i will be blaming on the lack of time and insufficient sleeping time i had the pass few weeks XD

Anyway here's all the pictures and a light story bout each and every one instead then, dowanna do a massive post so i'll cram all in one hehe >D

Ra, Ann Nee, Enez and Ad at the computer graphics lab XD
For weeks our history of art and design had a group work where we were to combine with the CD-2 people to design 2 different posters.

It was really fun but tiring all the same. We went to all sorts of places trying out backgrounds for the photoshoot and spend our time with who knows what we do XD

Here you have me, Ra and Mei Kay trying out our post in midvalley.. weird ppl we are. =.=
First try on our product, Ra went M.I.A as the photographer, lucky bastard Playing pool while taking another shoot at the snooker area.At Yi Wen's house trying out a different background for the photo, pity Ra for having to smoke so much for the photo. XDOur whole group together~! ^^
After all the hard work and dedication, we managed to finish everything in time and got everything up at the exhibition.

Mr. Anderson checking on our exhibition, tension.. tension!
After each group discussion with mr. Anderson, we headed up to the AVH hall where fear and worries rised.... or at least what we thought we would've been =.=

All of us ended up talking, chatting and playing like the little monkeys we are, totally forgetting about the exhibition

Ann Nee, Ra, Yi Chieng and Jian Leng donno doing what XDCardin, Celine and Victor relaxed~
Until the door opened and everyone stopped chatting, people starting crawling back to their places, silence covered the whole hall as Mr. Anderson entered to room.

It was a relief to hear that most of us did well in our exhibition so we are all now hoping that we will pass. After the stressed aura, we managed to take a few pictures with Mr. Anderson. Hey he is a really great guy when you get to know him. XDAfter class we even went to yam cha with him at the mamak store. It was really interesting to hear bout his point of view on everything, especially about malay girls wearing tudung looking like shuttercocks. But thats Mr. Anderson for you! XD

There was one day where me and Ann Nee just decided to be playful and wanted to be different for the day. So i brought my wigs to school and we practically wore them for the whole day XD

Here's me with the Madame Red wig.. surprisingly it looks rather good on punk style clothings. Maybe Madame Red should change to a new style XD
Ann Nee with my blue wig, now they say we look like the ice and fire sisters =A=

On our last day of class we hanged out with Badrissa and her friend Anthony together with Yi Chieng. Was really fun to play at the arcade again man~! love it ^^

The guys relaxing and not doing anything,
The girls racing against each other... WTH?!
For the pass few weeks our class has been the most awesome class i've ever entered and it was really fun together.

All of us at the Parliament, nosiest bunch of college students they've ever encountered i'm sure XD
Us in our last drawing class, so sad Yen Ning (lecturer) have to go~ T^TOur last class but not everyone of us since English Language class is separated to 2 classes instead.
BANZAI CD1001-01~!!!! \(^o^)/

Can't wait for nxt sem, same time too lazy to either haha