Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drawing maniac

Alright~! My trails is finally over!!! okay well not really fully over yet. Still have the last paper which will be this Wednesday and its Seni paper 2 which means drawing only! *hears angels singing* my most favourite paper and is the last one, Yes!

One thing i'm very sure of is right after my paper i'll be skipping school and back home straight since there won't be anything else for me to do. Can't expect me to stay in class and stare at the whiteboard for 4 hours after the paper right? i'm sure most of the others won't be around so i ain't going to stay around to explain to every teacher why i'm dumb enough to stay and why the others are not in school.

This time the questions for the paper 2 was quite hard so i decided to do some research on the questions. I ended up choosing the question which is to draw loads of leaves at the back of some old house. I timed myself and tried drawing on a A4 paper and ende dup using 4 hours (exam is 3) to finish it. Now i'm thinking how am i going to apply the same drawing onto something that is twice the size of an A4.

heres the picture i did, yes i know there's a smudge there cuz i tried to do some wind effects but ended up killing the picture.

The second thing that i feel like killing myself is that i forgot how I did the grass and the trees at the background. Tried doing again but just couldn't get the same texture T^T

To Xajin, Wen and Taka:

Here's the drawing that i promised!!

There's loads of errors once again *hits head on the wall* and i hate my pen which kept having problems releasing the ink causing me to make uncountable errors. *throws pen on the floor*

Hope you guys like it~ Yea Xajin you can kill me. XD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Few more days to go!

*crawling on the floor* just a few... more.. days left.. can Trials the.... horror...

sigh, as you can see from my situation above i am now having my trials. It isn't as bad as what i am acting above there actually XD the papers are as we expected harder then usual so no surprise there. *hooray for me -.-*

after 2 weeks of papers i have now 3 more days worth. Lucky for me wednesday is a holiday for me since there's no exam that i need to take till Thursday.

Even with all the studies my bad habit of wanting to draw is still around *slaps my hand*

I had a sudden urge to draw a picture of me, Yumi and Blackcatz in lolita form so i grabbed my sketch book and pencil and started on it on Saturday. After some time in front of the computer for reference pictures *still beginner so need to copy XD* i finally finished everything. I even had the mood to color it haha.

Here's the drawings~!

inked and ready for photoshop.
After photoshop~! yay~ *claps hand*
gothic loli-Yumi, sweet loli-blackcatz, kodana-me
click picture to go to my deviantart... XD

This time i really played with the brushes for a try and it came out kinda sucky but i'm too lazy to try again so i decided to leave it this way. Second thing i regret so much is after coloring only did i notice that the drawing anatomy is way weird *bangs head* T^T looks like it's back to the 'drawing' board for more practice next time.

can't wait to finish SPM~! wanna go get drivers licence~!!! XD

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya's artwork is just something you cannot ignore seeing~! her style of artwork is so unique yet beautiful and interesting. She is a Ukrain artist who won the hearts of many at the Ukrain's version of 'America's Got Talent' show.

With just a giant light box, loads of sand, dramatic music and loads of imagination she brings this art to a story that no one will ever forget.

this is a video of her interpreting the Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during World War II.

The story was so touching i nearly cried just seeing it. Her artwork is really something i look up to. =)

Friday, October 2, 2009


a few weeks ago my brother stumbled upon a video predicting the date of the end of the world which will hit on the year 2012. The video was pretty interesting as they describe about the pass where the Mayans calender is invented and the date only stops at 21.12.2012.

There were many predictions from the pass around the world by several people with the death date of 21.12.2012 so scientist has came to a conclusion that the world will end at that date. I wonder if this prediction will really happen? well lets just wait till the day comes.

Funny thing is they even made a show about the year 2012. Remember to go check it out at the cinema's ya. XD here's the trailer of the movie.