Monday, December 28, 2009

Thailand trip-day 3,4 and 5

My mom got us a van for the whole day so the family decided to head off for another 1 hour ride to the great palace. On the way at the toll there were santa's and santarina's passing out free gifts for every car. Something you don't see everyday. XD
Santarina giving the presents to the driver.
We got one each. So cute right?We stopped by at the temple first and the place was HUGE~! There's a really long stairs up the temple see? XDMe and my cousins... pray, pray, pray~ *whispers*hopeforloadsofcash*Go see results.. mine say don't splurge money or my merits will disappear T^T Ano, ano, why the shrine stuffed with soft toys wan? O.OThis one is just a wax figure. Scared me when i saw it for the first time. Thought real person XDLater we headed off to (forgot where already) and there was a elephant show going on for a group of japanese tourists. They were even brought up to have a kiss with the elephants XD

girl:Kyaa i dowan~!
Man: it's ok, he kiss very wet only. No pain.
girl: eww~!>.<
We went on and there were so many stores selling all sorts of stuff. The price is quite cheap too. We got handmade hats for only 15baht (RM1.50) and in nice condition too.

My dad found another monkey other then me >.< (he say this is my new younger brother)They even sell katana's and weapons (all real) for cheap prices ranging from 500 baht to 1200 baht. (RM50-RM120) Was so tempted to buy one back but my dad forbid me cuz scared later get stopped at the airport T^T

They even have parang knives XD
We headed to the ruins where my mom decided to stay away for she was tired and hot from all the sun so the rest of us headed inside for a look.The place is huge and there are so many broken buildings and statues still remained. This down here is the great hall where a huge golden statue used to stand but was later melted down and stolen when war broke.Me and my cousins even played hide-and-seek around the grounds. Not much to hide from but since it's so big, just need to hide further~ XDMe and my cousin hiding together since we were to lazy to go separately. XD
As we were heading back we passed by alot of lakes. I found this moldy tortoise at the corner basking in the sun XD We headed back to MBK mall for dinner and once again we ordered to fish that we had on the first day. It is really good i tell you. Forgot what it's called but it's cooked with pepper.
On our 5th day, my cousins went to other places themselves cuz their flight was different from us. We decided to go to Platinum mall where shopping galore is. (i'm sure Aliza, lynn they all will love this place XD) Every floor is filled with clothings, shoes, bags and many more. Sadly didn't find what i really wanted but no biggy, there were so much to buy already. XD

We rushed back to the hotel and got ready to head to the airport. My dad kept telling us that 5 days just isn't enough. We will have to come here for a longer holiday next time which i totally agree. (Thats because I couldn't manage to find H.Naoto >.<)
The one thing i'm really happy that i bought over at Thailand will be this~!!
Yay i got my bass~!!! XDD so happy hahahaha
My brother got his guitar there too XD
I helped Yumi get hers there too but i forgot to take a picture. I'm sure she'll put hers up in her blog sooner or later XD

Thailand Trip-Day 2

The next day my mom had a meeting to attend so the rest of us headed to the floating market for a try.

We woke up early in the morning and had a 1 hour drive to the floating market. We took a speed boat over and it was great fun XD

Have to pass the village first before heading to the marketWe got to the floating market and switched boats to the rowing type. The whole place was packed with boats in every corner. It was so hard to get around. XD

They even cook straight on the boat with a huge gas tank inside. So scared later will just blast if any of the smokers come too close XDWhen we got down we decided to take a walk around the place. Most of the things there are souvenirs so wasn't so interesting but the animals there were.
Taro the baby elephant

snake show
After that it was a trip to the Elephant rides. We didn't went on any cuz too lazy but there were alot of them out at the parking spot and many people were buying banana's to feed the cute animals. XD
The coconut ice-cream there is suprisingly good thought.. really creative too
We were later brought to a woodcraft shop where they sell loads of furniture's and items from wood. Some were really nice and interesting but the price can just blow you away.
hear no evil, say no evil, see no evilMelissa seems to love this chair thought... very comfy XD
After everything we stopped at a shopping mall for a break. The food court food wasn't too bad except this piece down here. This thing smells like elephant dung and it stinked like hell. No one dared to eat it later on. hahaha
We walked around the shopping mall which i found out later on that it was some high-class mall. (forgot what name already) the shops were like christian dior, jimmy choo, dolce and gabanna and all those branded stuff.

My brother was about to cry of boredom until we reached the 2nd level. All his dream cars were displayed in their respective shops from lot to lot. It was like his wonderland there. XDI keep seeing alot of places selling postcards, pictures and even books of this doll.
Here is MBK mall~ the mall that's connected to the hotel i was staying in and it is freaking HUGE~!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thailand Trip-Day 1


My family decided to go for a trip together with my other relatives to Thailand. We were suppose to go earlier with them but we stayed back for a couple more days due to CF.

Early in the morning at 4.30a.m we got up and got ready to go to the airport. By the time we reached Bangkok it was already near afternoon. Got to the hotel and had lunch before meeting my relatives.
The hotel lobby
Found out that we have booked for a Calypso Cabaret show at another hotel. We had our dinner and headed to the hotel by foot. The show was pretty interesting and some were quite funny XD there was one who practically went to the side of the stage and kissed another man hahahaha

After the show we managed to get some pictures with the performers. I actually had alot of pics and videos but sadly i lost the memory card during the trip T^T Luckily my mom had a few shots of after the performance.

NOTE:The ladies behind are not the ladies.. their 'ladies' who use to be from the other gender so see with caution XD

my mom and my brother together with the lovely 'ladies'

my aunt and uncle from Australia together with the 'ladies'

Me, my brother and my cousin with the 'ladies'My 3 cousins from Australia. One of the 'ladies' even groped my cousin (the one in blue shirt) in the front while taking another picture. XD

I really wish i had the memory card cuz there were video's and so many pictures of the show. T^T oh well, i did manage to find a video from someone else in youtube. This is just a small part of the show though.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodbye Zakiah

I will miss you and will always remember you forever. Thank you for all the times and fun you brought to the class and also to me.

Even thought we hardly talk in class, you will always be a good friend to me and losing you is a painful feeling.

Goodbye Zakiah.

Comic Fiesta 19-20.12.2009

This year has got to be a really hectic year XD

with a booth to look after and COD's to tackle, i was practically running around like crazy~!

I really had alot of fun, great time and loads of laughter XD So many people cosplaying this year so it was really packed with weapons poking around and capes flowing on the floor haha.

The competition was packed this year so my business i can say was really bad (wanna cry T^T) but that just pushed me to work harder on my drawings and improve on every part i lack. ^^ but i don't think i will be selling any artwork next year since it is kinda hard to do both at the same time XD

Sadly i couldn't take any pictures since my father left the camera in his client's car. My hand was itching the whole time to take pictures T^T

I don't really know whether this year's CF can be considered a good or bad. Of course i had a great time with loads of fun but there were a few things that happened along the way.

The day before CF my brother was hit with a painful stomach ache, my parents decided to take him to the hospital for a check up after sending me to CF. While i was in CF, i got a call from my mom and she told me my brother was admitted into the hospital due to likeness of appendix problem.

Before i could even reach to that situation, i got another sms from my class teacher informing me that my classmate passed away early that morning. It took me some time to accept all of this at once. I was nearly about to bawl and cry in sushi king when i saw the message. T^T

Day 1 could be considered a sad day, i wasn't as happy but i managed to pull myself together. At night i went over to the hospital straight away from CF and visited my brother, i kinda scared a few nurses with my red contacts and punk shirt but at least i wasn't wearing any bright colored wigs XD

Yay i'm so happy with my Blood Dupre cosplay~! sure wish that can do more times next time hahaha. I found another person dressed as Blood Dupre too so got take a picture together XD gotta wait for Blackcatz before i can take from her haha.

Well thats all, sorry once again i have no photo's and for such a huge event too. Will do my best next time to bring. (hide the camera from my dad few days before the event)

Now gotta do other stuff that i plan to do and get ready for next years cosplays already~! haha.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

Yay it's just a few more days away and CF is here~!!Venue:Sunway Pyramid
Time: 10a.m-6p.m
Date:19-20 December 2009

If you ever have time do come for a experience! This is something you don't usually get around the place and it is HUGE event!

I will be opening a booth together will lamarionnet, deathsnow and happyfellow so do come and help us out ya~! Booth name (if i'm not mistaken XD) is '100 wishes cafe'

*be prepared to see soul with an apron on at the booth hahaha.