Thursday, September 22, 2011

REVIVE!!!! for now :P (Sun-U animangaki)

 Aah my blog~ how long have i ignored you and left you to rot in this cold, cold world............... I'M SORREH~!!!!! TAT

Well i thought i'll start spamming now while i have some time with sun-U animangaki 2011~!

in order to follow the tradition, or rather me and yumi's we went for another round of bloody OC again~ XD this time we decided to try out Hansel and Gretal bloody version so yeah, we chibified ourselves :P

On the second day then yumi was unable to attend so i went as kuroki onces again since it's the only piece i could do easily since everythings with me already :P

Here's some pictures to cover what we've done XD

being retarded. thats what we do

Beat, misaki and me~ yo~!

Chikorita's for lunch, best! >D

er... 5 year olds :P

my gretal disappeared, again

My last time doing kuroki i guess, lazy to fix the sword dy

random one again.. the hell is gretal?

aaah~ trolling on stage.. sad case ppl we are =w=

our best pic~ finally gretal~ there you are!
One of our best pics

Well throughout the whole two days i've met a few new friends, got a new cosplay plan and had a pretty good time XD will be posting more shitz soon! hopefully XD