Tuesday, June 22, 2010

History project

I'm sooo glad i'm finally finish with my history of art and design work man~! sure hope i got the idea and concept right thought >.<

It all started out with me and Jean getting help from Yumi for make up as we wanted a make up concept for the project. The project is suppose to be 4 self portraits done in different styles.

We had Yumi coming to college with us in the morning since it was hard to get her to Jeans house after class. As usual that girl is scared and afraid like a little mouse when in unfamiliar surroundings but it was really great to have her around ^^

Later after class we head off for lunch and hanged around a little in Sunway before Jeans mom came to fetch us. Once we got to her house the first thing we saw was THIS~!!!
Isn't it just adorable~!! XD Jeans dog and it's name Pochi! this huge furball was practically jumping and prancing around us when we got in! XD

After heading up to Jeans room, we settled down and started looking at pictures online for references on our make up idea. While so Pochi was left up on a high spot where it stays still so it was really cute but sad for it at the same time XD
Yumi with Pochi hahaha~ Pochi wan down NOW!Can you let me down, pleeeaaassseeeee~
Ok enough bout Pochi. Yumi then started with the base and so we took our first traditional portrait.

Me camwhoring~ hehehe
Our traditional portrait started with a serious face... Jean looks so cool right? XD me emo.... lolx

Then we later on took to another style and we had yumi with her awesome make up skills~! XD

We actually took alot of pictures but i'm too lazy to upload all :P all the photoshooting and make up took us all the way to late evening WOAH~! it was really fun though and it was really great to see Jean happy with the make up XD

Yumi and Jean, the make up artist and the model lololol~camwhoring~!! random -.-Jean ish hungry RAWRRR!!

Well after talking with the lecturer and doing some modifications i finally finished everything in the nick of time without a day of sleep but it was worth it i guess XD

Firstly will be my traditional portrait where i used pencil as my medium but sadly i forgot to take any pictures or scanned it before passing it up hehe

later on will be my any media where i used this one~! used photography as my style and it actually resembles 'Friends' it actually is a combination of my friends (Yumi, laksh, Ann Nee, Badrissa, Wee and Enez) helping me with my make up and also this shoot. XD

Later on is my photography work. Didn't really work that hard on it since i was lacking time but i guess it cam out ok XD

The one that took my time like shiat is this one. this is my modern art style which i chose expressionism as my concept but after hearing more on the lecturer on the presentation day i feel its more like surrealism already XDstill sucky on my photoshop skills though, got a long way ahead of me~! XD

anyways i'm glad i'm done with this so i have my exploration week to relax more and settle work nicely.

Oh ya i'll be heading off to Singapore soon too for the Cosfest event, hope that i'll get to see anyone there ya~! ^^